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  1. Guys, I am going to be a shooting my first full length feature film pretty soon. The production money has been raised by friends, myself and credit cards. Have spoke to an equipment studio and they have quoted the following rental prices for 40days of shoot 1. Arri/Thomson Viper: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_cinem...y#Thomson_Viper 70K USD 2. Sony CineAlta 24P HD: 60K USD. Star Wars has been shot on this guy. 3. Panasonic Varicam AJ HDC27FE: 60K USD. The rental cost includes editing, tranfser to work print. Which of these 3 would be the best choice for a feature film. Not sure about Viper, though it has been used on Indian films. Also, is it possible to buy any of those (used/new). I cant find proper links for the 3rd one and the 1st one costs around 150K. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Guys, Need guidance on the film. No conclusive answers yet. My prof has recommended me to S 16 and then blowing it to 35mm for work print. What do other cinematographers here think. I am looking for a DP too. If you can guide me with the project about the film stock, camera etc will take you onboard and we could get going. Budget, casting, locations etc is in process currently. Will be distributing the movie in India and arrangements are being made for the same. Thanks Arun asingaraju@gmail.com
  3. I am planning to shoot a 100-110 min film on S 16mm and then blow it up to 35mm for theatrical release with 3-4 work prints. Anyone done this before? And have an idea of how much it would cost for the whole process. TIA.
  4. Thanks guys. All your inputs are really helpful. Here's an update from my DP. Planning to shoot on S 16 and then blow it up to 35 for work print. Also, are there any cinematographers on this forum who would like to travel to India and help me out as a DP on this project. All the expenses being paid and a minimum pay.
  5. Hello Kieran, thanks for the response. Arri is ok too, but cant figure out which one to use. There are so many different kinds. But for startup guys, what camera do most people use. Planning on a 100-110 min film.
  6. Hello, How does it look on screen when a film is shot with an HDX 200 suing 35mm adpater and projected in a theatre. Does it look like a camcorder video or does it gives the film look. Since theatre screens have a higher resolution (2K) as compared to this camera. Any pointers? TIA.
  7. Hello, Can someone suggest the best camera to use 35mm color film. Arri has a wide range but is way too expensive. Are there any other good cameras which can be used and can be rented. Also, which film is the best for 35mm film shoots. I am a director and have worked on 16mm till now. But now since am producing this movie, need to plan a lot on the costs. TIA.
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