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  1. I'm making a short this weekend with the Z7u and I want a soft-low-con look (like it was filmed with Fuji Reala). I'm doing it in camera because I won't have time for CC. I did some tests, mainly increasing the master black (+10), lowering the reds in the blacks (-10) - I like that cyan in the blacks - and using the CINEMATONE2 Gamma. What do you think about these settings? Saludos.
  2. Here I have some fragments of a short I did during last February (Summer for us at the Southern Hemisphere). It was shot with a Panasonic HVX200 (1080 24pA) armed with a Redrock M2 adapter and 35 mm still photography Nikon lenses. It was my first experience with the adapter and I did learn about the pros and cons. The short was shot entirely with natural light. Here is the link --> Algo Me Recuerda a Ti Saludos!
  3. Don't forget ND Grads. Desert terrain is very reflective so it is useful to have some ND Grad (I'll have 3,6 and 9 just in case) to attenuate soil reflection.
  4. If you like Almendro's creation you should read "Días de una cámara". I think the english title is "Man with a Camera". I was really inspired when I read this book at film school. "Days of Heaven" was shot almost entirely with natural light. Exteriors were shot mostly during magic hour, so the whole shoot took some time because of this. Similar thing hapenned when Malick did "The Thin Red Line" (shot by John Toll) and "The New World" (shot by Emmanuel Lubezky). I read somewhere that "The New World" was shot entirely with natural light.
  5. Well, I know that 16 mm has more grain and less definition than 35 mm. So, it is better to overexpose the negative when you work with a faster negative in 16 mm and you don`t want too much grain in your image. This makes sense. The Reala stuff was transfered in an old machine. This time I`m going for a URSA Diamond Y Front with a Da Vinci DUI Color Corrector. Now, I think that the URSA is not 2K but I`ve seen really good results with this machine.
  6. Will go for the 18 then. Thank you guys for the quick response.
  7. Yeah, I know I`m very limited with 25 amps. My producer is trying to get some Kinos and some other low-power lights. Has anyone work with 7217 before?
  8. Hi, I`m shooting a short in a few weeks and I don`t have any money for testing (I live in Chile, South America, and shooting 16 mm is a bit expensive). I`ve had a previous experience with Fuji Reala 500D and the results were really bad. Too much grain. This time I`m thinking about using Kodak 7218 because I have a lot of interiors and my lighting kit is mainly composed by tungsten fresnels (650 W, 1 KW and 2KW) and some practicals. Also, I have limited power because the house where I`m filming has only 25 amps. I don`t want to commit the same mistake with the Reala (i didn`t overexposed the negative), so I`m thinking in setting my lightmeter at 320 ASA (2/3 stop over) or 250 ASA (1 stop over). Now, is this a good decision or should I change my mind and go for Kodak 7217 instead? The short is about skin, sexual tension, desire and that kind of stuff so I really want the best stock for these concepts. Saludos y Muchas Gracias ;) Diego.
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