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  1. Movies: -Heat -Into the Wild -Once upon a time in the west Directors: -Michael Mann -Ridley Scott -Sergio Leone Cinematographers: -Roger Deakins -Robert Richardson -Conrad Hall
  2. I went to see "Syfall" on friday and really liked it. I don't have much knowledge of technical details regarding the cinematography, but I've always admired Deakins' style and think he has done a great job. Especially the scenes in Shanghai and Macau look just beautiful!
  3. Just found this interview with Danny Cohen talking about "The King's Speech": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3197e49Slo
  4. I have my fingers crossed for Deakins. But I think Wally Pfister wins.
  5. After Roger Deakins won a BAFTA for "True Grit" it is now Wally Pfister who wins the ASC Award for "Inception". Thoughts?
  6. I agree. I was stunnend about the reactions of the people in the cinema after the films final scene. They applauded and celebrated...but not because they loved the film...they where happy it was finally over! :o Of course it was a very unusual and quiet film with long shots and view dialogues. Pretty much like an Italo - Western, but the reaction made me kinda sad. I think it was beautifully photographed and Corbijn really put the focus on the images rather than the spoken words to tell the story. I think we are just not used to this Leone - style filmmaking anymore.
  7. "Red Riding 1974" was the latest british film I saw. Interesting cinematography. Really liked it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQnBJuskguE
  8. I haven't seen "The King's Speech" and "True Grit" yet, but if Deakins doesn't win this year, I am going to do crazy things. The few short clips I saw of "True Grit" where amazing. Of course Pfister did a great job on "Inception" as well and it probably wouldn't be a surprise if he wins, but I go with Deakins.
  9. I think it's almost impossible to find a copy of American Cinematographer Magazine anywhere in Germany, even not in Berlin. If you want to have a copy of it you have to rely on the archive editions on www.theasc.com, or maybe ask around at the local film schools in Berlin. Maybe they have it there for some educational reasons.
  10. I recently came across a documentary about Flamenco, directed by Carlos Saura and photographed by Vittorio Storaro! I think its just beautifully shot. You can find the whole film on a well known website. :) Here's a trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xg2-8Ipvz4
  11. The movie opened last week in Germany and I went to one of the first screenings. The trailer looked amazing and I couldn't wait to watch the whole thing. Unfortunately the projection at the cinema had a very poor quality but I enjoyed everything nonetheless! I have to say that Jason Reitman is not just a great director but also a very gifted writer! The whole movie looked great but especially the shot where George Clooney sits alone in his hotelroom at night drinking a glass of whisky (I think it was after he went to Chicago and found out that Alex has a husband and a family) got me on my knees. It looked absolutely stunning!! Great work!!
  12. Well, it's a tough thing to chose for me since my list is endless :rolleyes: anyway... The Thin Red Line, John Toll Road to Perdition, Conrad L. Hall Collateral, Dion Beebe/Paul Cameron In the Mood for Love, Christopher Doyle The Assassination of Jesse James, Roger Deakins Girl with a Pearl Earing, Eduardo Serra Last Samurai, John Toll The Cooler, Jim Whitaker Master and Commander - The far Side of the World, Russell Boyd Saving Private Ryan, Janusz Kaminski
  13. I would recommend you to take a look at "Network" directed by Sydney Lumet. There's a bar scene in the very beginning of the film that looks just fantastic. Maybe you can get some inspirations from that.
  14. The movie came out yesterday in Germany and I took the first opportunity to watch it. I liked the movie itself a lot as I like almost every film Michael Mann did so far - although I have to add that it could be a bit more epic and slower. The costumes and art direction is great, but I think it was definetly the wrong decision to shoot in HD. The day-scenes where ok but I had my problems with some of the interior sequences - especially the scene in the restaurant where John meets Billie for the first time. I thought it looked terible! I think if you shoot a period movie like this it would be a better decision to shoot it on 35mm. Although, as I said, the costumes, art direction and make - up have been great, I never had the feeling that I am in the 1930's, because the whole movie looked too modern and too stylish to me in HD! But anyway, I would still recommend it because it's a Michael Mann film and it's very entertaining.
  15. Visually it looks stunning! I wish I could see the whole film one day!
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