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  1. Hi all Been watching clips, trailers and tv spots from Sweeney Todd, and in one scene where Mr. Depp sings "I will have vengeance, i will have salvation", his face is in the trailers very pale and white, but in the clips or tv spots (can't remember which) the same scene, his face is more "normal" coloured. Have they changed this in Lustre? Or some other digital grading software?
  2. Whats a diffuser? Yes, I am a "noob" :rolleyes: And do you really need any additional lighting for makeup rooms? I was a photographer for a school play thing and I thought a couple of the pictures came out pretty good with just the lightbulbs around the mirror: http://driftnorway.deviantart.com/art/Behi...scenes-71729275
  3. Hi all How does one get exposure right? Are there any tools other than the camera to do this? Seen lots of "making ofs" where some guy goes up to the actress with a small device, points it at her cheek, then turns and walks off. I have a DSLR camera that has metering options in camera, and thats all good if your gonna shoot auto. But if your shooting manual what can you use? Andrew
  4. If i offended anyone i apologize, but that was not the point. And I did not exclude everyone else, (as can see in the second line of quote) i just thought of addressing Mr. Mullen because it seems he has worked on bigger projects than most of us. Thought maybe digital grading was only for the bigger projects, therefore i addressed him. Thank you very much for the replies, everyone. They were very informative. Andrew
  5. This is a question directly to David Mullen, if its allowed on this site. Hope you have the time and are willingy to answer David, it would be very much appreachiated. I was watching the LOTR exra material a few days ago and finally got the answer to how they got the colours and shine in some of the scenes. now to the questions (anyone can answer really, but would like it if Mr. Mullen answered as well): 1. Are you familiar with digitalgrading? 2. How much does the DOP have to do with digital grading when used? Know that Andrew Lesnie was a part of the grading but it usually just the digital grader (?) thats doing the job? Andrew
  6. Thanks Eric, I'll check it out! Peace
  7. I don't really have a great answer but it'll probably be difficult determining the light source because that looks like some heavy post production... Sorry for the non-informative reply :P
  8. For those who haven't seen the trailer: http://www.apple.com/trailers/focus_featur...omises/trailer/ enjoy! Well, I was kind of sceptic to Viggo Mortensen playing a Russian, but after seeing the trailer... WOW. This is definately a movie I'm gonna watch. Viggo has the russian accent done real good. The cinematography seems good (though its just a trailer so... never know, many films look wonderful as trailers but aren't all that when you see them at the cinemas), but what really put me on to this was 1. The story (mafia flick, russian mafia) 2. Viggo Mortensens acting... wow, i mean, if its as good in the rest of the movie as in the trailer then this is gonna be good! 3. Viggo Mortensens look in the movie. He visually suits this role REALLY well. He seems much older (far stretch from Aragorn this...) and has loads of tattoos. And the way he acts so calm and controled. Just like a mafia boss. Anyways, anybody else think this looks good? Peace Andrew
  9. Hi all I'm thinking of shooting a 5 min short and renting a canon xh a1. The reason I chose this one was because I've seen a few youtube vids (i know they're not the best quality) and it seems like a pretty good camera. I know you have to customize the settings to get the effects you want, but that is also one of the reason i would like to rent this one. I'm looking for a prosumer camera to grow as a cinematographer, one where i have to set the right settings for the picture to come out as i want it to. The short is a thriller/sci fi short and will be shot at night. ok, down to the questions: 1. How good is the depth of field on this camera? 2. Is it easy to control the colours on the camera or would this be better to do in post? 3. What are the main problems you have come across using this camera? (even in post) 4. Would like to have 1.85:1 aspect ratio, is this a bad idea? Are there any "guide letterboxes" on the camera? (hope everyone understood that question :P ) All comments appreciated. Peace Andrew
  10. hi guys, sorry if its in the wrong category, if any mods would like to, feel free to move it. yep, its from the Notre Dame in Paris! =) Btw, thanks for the feedback Michael, very much appreciated! Peace Andrew
  11. Heres a couple of pictures I've taken with the Sony Alpha DSLR, woudl like some consteructive feedback if anybody has some time on their hands. Will be very much apprechiated. Well, here the first one, and before you see it, if i were to do it again, i would have had a lower ISO. Still think it turned out ok though. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/42875386/ I was just waling to somebodys place if i remember correctly and saw this and decided to take a pic. Thought it turned out ok. Both colours and (whats this called in english again... english is actually my first language... just speak too much norwegian nowadays...)... whats it called again? composure? The way the picture is set up. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/43043179/ These pics are a bit old but they're the onyl ones i have online right now. Peace Andrew
  12. lol, thanks for the comments David! i live in norway, theres loads of girls to shoot (though i might have one perticular in mind :D ) and i will take all the advice here, really glad i found this site. I should probably buy a cheap SLR like Patrick said. WAIT! i just thought about it right now! maybe i can buy the one my dad has! its old but i think it still works. and his got multiple lenses so that could be fun too! anyways, i will try to get hold of a slr and i will use the dlsr i have right now to take pictures with different light settings. About the manual mode thing, i've been testing that out lately, fun stuff! I've (for once) started reading the manual, i'm about half way through. I guess alll in all the best thing i can do is get practice and read. Thanks again for the posts!
  13. thanks for hte replys guys! I'll definatly be purchasing that book! and the lighting, taking a picture every 45 degrees seems like good practice. Just gonna have to save up for a 35mm slr... I have a Sony Alpha digital camera right now so will be testing out some stuff with that very soon! Hopefully I'll be able to put some pics up on the net and get some critque from you guys.
  14. ok, I'll be very straight forward about this, i know NOTHING about lighting (at least compared to the majority of people on here) and would like to learn about this as quickly as possible. Where shoudl I start? Any good internetsites for pre-reading? Any good books? dbut most important of all, where can I get experience? I have not got the money to be buying lighting equipment myself (not sure how much it costs but if its anything like the other technical wonders in film making then...) and even if I get a job as an AC, according to what i know about that job, I will be mostly watching other people do stuff (and even that will be useless if i don't understand the technical terms). So, great light masters, where shoudl i start? Peace Andrew
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