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  1. Anyone know where I can find one of these adapters to rent? I am having no luck... Cheers!
  2. Ah thank you, I have reached out to him so we shall find out if we have Step 1 of a very complicated process.. Cheers
  3. Hey David, Would the ASC Clubhouse have one or have access to one? Cheers
  4. Yeah, def the blue-green Orthographic with no antihilation back is going to be tricky.. 5222 is Panachromatic so that could work for both the Green and Red Record correct? so its really the blue record thats the first issue.. ok second cause we still need a Camera.. Could you do a special run of 5222 and just not put Red and Green sensitive crystals in and leave off the Backing.. Maybe Kodak will do a special run if I commit to a large enough Purchase.. The other issue is going to be the printing.. Cause dont you have to inject each CMY color dye for each RGB neg.. then contact each print onto a "Base Print?".. Maybe this is something the DI can come in for.. (Lets assume I have the appropriate Blue record stock) Scan each RGB record.. apply appropriate CMY to each in the DI then overlay at 33% transparency in the edit, then tweak?
  5. Hello, Through all this Digital yammer.. I have developed this wild fuddited urge to shoot 3 Strip Technicolor.. I know there are many many many complicated factors to do this.. but lets start with the Camera.. Is there any functioning 3 strip cameras around? Cheers!
  6. I mean three strip.. re posting.. please delete..
  7. Ah that sounds like a sure fire way to get there! The UltraCons are definately a no go then.. What are your experiences with flashing the negative? Is that an old school technique not so available anymore? A very lab intensive process? I know Labitique had success with it in Requiem.. How might it read on Eterna 250 a warmer pastel palate?
  8. I am looking for a more low contrast pastel image on an upcoming project.. And I am curious if any of you have any thoughts or experiences on ways to achieve this and the major differences.. UltraCon filters vs Flashing the negative vs Pull Processing vs Overexposing and process normal vs all in the DI Cheers
  9. I am revivng this thread as I am curious if more people have used them since? Thinkin also to put them on the Red.. Cheers
  10. "I can not remember one shot in my entire career that has not been compromised in some way or another" - Roger Deakins
  11. Anyone have any leads or contact information? Anyone have any experience with any of these stocks? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Cheers
  12. I'm with Victor on this one.. Great operating.. Suits the film to a T.. I cant think of anything I would change about the film.. I hope Matty gets the ASC award for it..
  13. All are amazingly well done.. Not surprised by these nods.. My vote goes for The Kings Speech.. (fingers crossed for Black Swan and S16)
  14. I remember a post for motion picture film loaded in still camera canisters.. Can't seem to find the info anywhere.. Any leads, sites, info (links to previous posts) would be sweet.. Cheers
  15. yeah.. JSB has more of what I'm thinking about.. Its not a silent movie.. There is sound design and plenty of "audible" things going on.. Just no dialog.. Say a film about a mute.. Or that the first plot point.. His tongue gets ripped off.. To go with JSB's.. Two men crash a plane into the woods and get captured by the locals.. Who cut out their tongues as punishment.. Now they have to try to escape and survive but they can't talk to each other.. We could have the locals speaking dialog.. But dont have it subtitled.. The point being "no dialog" but plenty of things to see and hear.. I see the first scene.. FADE IN: EXT: JUNGLE - MORNING A horrid everlasting SCREAM SILENCE INT: JUNGLE HUT - MORNING A sweaty bruised battered and gagged man hangs by his feet from the rafters of a bamboo roof. Two large "Natives" restrain and steady him. A third and more important looking man enters his arms and hands bloodied and sastisfied at his handy work, makes his way over and squats down to touch the foreigners face, caressing it with the blood from his hands whispering into his ear. The native leans back to get a better look and SLAPS the foreigner shouting and screaming at him making gestures of flying and exploding. Silence. He shakes his finger in his face dissapointed. One of the restraining natives hands him a knife and two short pieces of wood. He caresses the foreigners face with it as he humms a tune and removes the gagging dirty cloth. The foreigner spits in his face and shouts obscenities. The native, unphased, squeezes the foregners face and shoves a piece of the wood into his mouth and prys it open and puts it in place followed by the other. The native reaches into the screaming mouth and pulls out and severs his tongue. Blood pouring onto the floor. A horrid everlasting SCREAM. SILENCE.
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