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  1. Hi Rick, I´m very interested in your Leica R GL set. Please Dm me with details.
  2. Thank you all for your replies! It´s been quite an informative discussion.
  3. Well, the few Kino units they have are a few yars old and most of them just don´t work propperly, so they won´t buy new ones or repair the ones they have ;they´ll just replace them with LEDs.
  4. Hi Everyone, I just heard a rumor that my school (A very prestigious film school in Mexico City wich shall remain unnamed) is tossing away all Kinoflos and goinig for LEDs instead. The argument they gave us was that LEDs outperform Kinos in terms of output, power consumption, flicker issues... oh and price. I´m aware of the practical and budgetary advantages of LEDs but I´m not sure getting rid of Kinos altogether is the wisest thing to do. Could someone please help me make the case for Kinos so that we can argue with the school authorities to keep this valuable tool in our meager arsenal. Thanks!
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