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  1. Note that the International Film & Video Workshops have a couple of documentary-specific classes, such as "Documentary Camera," and "The Interview." I took "Camera Assistant" there last summer, and found it to be pretty good. However, the whole place is under new management, so I think the quality of classes may be a bit uneven these days. Not to hijack your thread - but does anyone out there know of similar programs in the U.S.? That is, short, intensive workshops with experienced working professionals as instructors? Specifically, I'm interested in cinematography.
  2. Can anyone suggest a method of mounting individual 35mm motion picture frames? I believe 35mm still film has the same perforation pitch, so I could use standard 35mm slide mounts (been a long time - my old Nikon is gathering dust in my closet)... but I'm not sure how much of the edges would be obscured, or if there are other issues. Also - looking for a teeny-tiny lightbox that could be adapted to permanently mount either a single frame or short strip of frames. The application for both of these things is to create a low-cost gift for several hundred people. On the low end (slide mounts) I'm looking to be cheaper than those plastic keychain viewer things, and on the high end (mini lightbox) I'm looking to be classier than the same item.
  3. For anyone who's in NYC (and a member of the IFP) - they're holding an XL2 "training session" on Nov. 4th. (Next Thursday) There will be at least one Canon rep there, and judging by the last one of these things I went to, the atmosphere should be much more relaxed than at a convention booth. After slogging my way through this thread, and being utterly overwhelmed by the technical arguments, I think it would be great of some of the larger heads out there were to stop by, and take the opportunity to answer some of the unresolved questions. (And report back here, of course!) For info, go here: http://rsvp.ifp.org and click on New York. mitch
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