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  1. I have gotten a number of requests over the last few years for information on how to shoot 16:9 with the little Arriflex 16S cameras by taping off the ground glass. I found the page from my old website where I explained this, and have posted it at this web address in case anyone is interested in trying it for themselves. Shooting 16:9 with an Arriflex 16S Best, -Tim
  2. Hi Donald, That's not technically a video assist. That is just a video camera mounted on the Arriflex 16S viewfinder, in place of an eyepiece. A video assist is a video camera that can send a video signal to a monitor, but that does not interfere with the camera operator's ability to operate the camera while looking thru the viewfinder. Best, -Tim
  3. The eyepiece (B) will remain stationary, it is keyed in place, but the chrome ring (A) turns clockwise (viewed from behind the camera looking thru the eyepiece). I would also check the fibre-optics screen/groundglass, if the dirty spots in the frame are sharp when looking thru the eyepiece. Best, -Tim
  4. Everything Aapo and Simon said, all great points. If the camera has not had a full CLA in the last 4 years expect to have one done before using it on a project. About that Schneider CIne-Xenon 1.4/25mm lens, take a flashlight (torch) and shine it thru the lens (aperture fully open) once you've removed it from the camera turret. I have seen those lenses with internal fungus which eats thru the lens coatings. Even when cleaned to remove the fungus, the lens with remain hazey because of the damage to the lens coatings. Best, -Tim
  5. Axel Broda taught me the Arriflex 16SR & SRII Super-16 modification, it's not just the sprockets, it's also the ramps that lead up to the sprockets, we would "relieve" them as well. That way there was no way any part of the converted magazine would scratch the film in the Super-16 image area. Best, -Tim
  6. There are surfaces inside the SR2 mag that touch the film as it cycles thru the camera. These surfaces need to be machined back (relieved) so they don't touch and scratch the area of the film that is seen in the Super-16 frame. Best, -Tim
  7. Hi Isaac, Hope your project went well. Those Cooke Kinetal lenses were always my favorite when using with the Arriflex 16S. Lubricating the barrels of the lenses with Vaseline is fine. Naturally the ARRI grease will work also, but it's much more expensive than Vaseline. Just make sure to keep the lens barrels and lens sockets on the camera lubricated as the aluminum on the lens sockets will wear quickly and make the lens sloppy. You also need to do this on the very early Schneider lenses and some of the Zeiss lenses that were made for the Arriflex 16S. Best, -Tim
  8. The Ari Schneider-Kreuznach lenses will fit the Arriflex 16BL but you will not be able to use the lens blimp, which means the camera will run louder. There was a lens blimp for the small primes, but they are very hard to find these days. Best, -Tim
  9. I hope you've got this worked out Brendan, but one thing I noticed from your video is that your loops inside the camera are way too tight. The white line engraved on the inside of the camera shows you where the minimum loop should ride, they will bounce further out than that as the camera is running, but they need to be at least that loose, in your video you have them way too tight. That will effect the way the camera runs when you are shooting. Best, -Tim
  10. Hi Raymond, I've always loved the 9mm Cooke Kinetal. Nice and sharp, beautiful construction. Unfortunately it will not cover Super-16, and as the whole mount turns when focused, it requires a PL adapter like the ones Les Bosher used to make (not sure he is still making them), which are more complex and expensive compared to the readily available PL mount adapters. Best, -Tim
  11. I used those RC car batteries to power the 24fps constant speed Arri motor for years. Checking with a strobe, the speed was spot on. I think the RC car batteries were 7.2 volt or 7.4 volt, can't quite remember. Turned out to be a much cheaper way to shoot with those cameras compared to the battery belts. Best, -Tim
  12. I certainly did Charlie. Been so long since I even picked up a 16S. Still have a pristine one packed away in the basement. Will have to get it out one of these days, probably needs another overhaul. HA!!! Hope you're both doing well, Happy Holidays to you and yours. Best, -Tim
  13. When I had a complete set of Speed Panchro's the 32mm was one of my favorites. It renders so lovely. GLWS. Best, - Tim
  14. Hi Giorgio, The eyepiece without the eyecup was $3550 when new, and the eyecup with internal iris was probably another $450, so about $4000 new. I bought this, which again is in near mint condition in 2010 for $1500 and used it only a handful of times. I could let it go for $1000, and whatever the cost of shipping would be to Torino Italy from Chicago, Illinois USA. Best, -Tim
  15. I used in on a 16SR converted to Super 16, and a buddy of mine had the same eyepiece that he used on a 16SR II, and that 2C pictured above with the Jurgen's door. I am open to offers on the eyepiece. It's in near mint condition. Best, -Tim
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