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  1. The late Iohan Gueorguiev, world bicycle traveler, was a master of cinematography. I don't know if he studied it or if it just came naturally to him. But this, one of his last videos, has just some spectacular footage, not because of it's remote locations, but because of it's camera angles, lighting, camera movement, etc. Everything that makes beautiful cinematography. Winter Bikepacking in Canada: Take Me Home Country Roads Make sure to watch past the introductory scene. And from my understanding, this was all done with a simple GoPro and a drone. A great artist, taken too soon. May he Rest In Peace. Best, -Tim
  2. Hi All, I know when I was writing and directing short films back in the early 2000's, I was always looking for festivals that honored short films. For all you short film directors and producers, the PRIDEARTS FILM FEST is looking for submissions of short, LGBTQ+ themed films. The deadline is September 1st, 2021. https://filmfreeway.com/PrideArtsShorts I've seen all the submissions in the last two fests, it's a good organization and they get some very good submissions. I hope some of you find this of interest. Best, -Tim
  3. The ARRI Lightweight Rods, LWS-2 have been sold, these items are still available: - Van Diemen 4x4 Matte Box (with 15mm rod mount), 2 Stage, both Stages rotate, with 4 donuts for different sized lenses. Asking $250 - Schneider #85 4x4 Filter, used once. Asking $99 - Tiffen #25 Red 4x4 Filter, never used. Asking $125 Best, -Tim
  4. I've got a pair of ARRI lightweight rods for sale, fit both the 16SRII and the 16SR3. ARRI Lightweight LWS-2 Rods Also have a Van Diemen 4x4 Matte Box (with 15mm rod mount), 2 Stage, both Stages rotate, with 4 donuts for different sized lenses. And 4x4 Filters. Used all of this with Zeiss Super Speeds and the big Zeiss 10-100 T2 zoom, and it's Super 16 counterpart on the Arriflex 16SRII. Best, -Tim
  5. Manfrotto Pro Video Support System, 526 Pro Fluid Head, 3193 Tripod Legs, Spreader, multiple tripod feet. Original owner, used twice, no longer shooting motion picture cameras/film. You can still buy this set up new from Amazon for $1890.64, here's a chance to own the same thing for less than half that price. Everything in excellent condition. Local pick up in the Chicago NW Suburbs recommended (it's heavy, shipping will be costly and added to the price). $899 Let me know if you have any questions, Thanks for looking. Best, -Tim
  6. I made a separate post for the ARRI LWS-2 Rods with extensions. Also added a Van Diemen 2-Stage (each stage rotates separately) Matte Box, and a couple of 4x4 filters. Best, -Tim
  7. Late Spring Cleaning, items from Super 16 Arriflex 16SRII for sale. ARRI LWS-2 Rods with extensions. These are the convertible rods that work with Arriflex 16SR, 16SRII and 16SR3 cameras, in Regular 16 and Super 16. Asking $275 Van Diemen 4x4 Matte Box (with 15mm rod mount), 2 Stage, both Stages rotate, with 4 donuts for different sized lenses. Asking $250 Schneider #85 4x4 Filter, used once. Asking $99 Tiffen #25 Red 4x4 Filter, never used. Asking $125 Thanks for looking, let me know if you have any question. Shipping is free for residents in the lower 48 here in the US, actual shipping and handling cost will be added to international sales. Best, -Tim
  8. Hi Ezra, I have not found a home for the SR Lighweight rods yet, they are still packed away. I won't be able to get to that for a few weeks, but when I do, I'll post again here. Best, -Tim
  9. Hey John, Yes, the eyepiece was sold and is on its way to Ireland. I'll be cleaning out and sorting some camera equipment in the next few weeks, I'll let you know if I have any SR "fun stuff". I'm pretty sure I have a pair of the Arri Lightweight Rods for the 16SR & 16SR2, the ones that are swappable between Regular 16 and Super 16. And I do believe I still have a Super 16 gate from when I was studying camera repair/conversions with Axel Broda. It's an actual ARRI super 16 gate (not a machined or converted regular 16 gate) for either the 16SR or 16SR2. Best, -Tim
  10. Hey Dan, that's an ARRI Super Wide Eyepiece on Thomas's SR2 package. I've got one of those and it fits beautifully on the SR2 and makes it easier to frame Super 16. Let me know if you'd be interested in purchasing it. Best, -Tim
  11. I agree Dom, not a lens you want to take apart to experiment on. My comments on lubing the external barrel before inserting it into the lens mount socket on the camera comes from experiencing numerous folks putting non-lubricated Kinetal lenses into Arri 16S cameras, then complaining that the lens was rather stiff to focus. Because of the way the Arri mount Kinetals are designed, that's not an easy lens to rack focus on when the lens is not mounted in a camera body. So when folks used to say to me, the lens focuses stiffly, my first question was always, did you lubricate the outside lens barrel before inserting it into the mount socket. The answer was almost always "No", and after lubricating the lens barrel they reported that the focus now felt "fine". Just some thoughts. Best, -Tim
  12. Not sure what camera your Taylor Hobson Cooke lens is for, but if it's the common Arriflex S mount, then you lubricate the lens barrel before you fit it into the lens socket. Those lenses are "externally lubed". And we always used to use Vasoline if no Arri grease was available. But make sure to always lube the outside barrel of a Cooke Kinetal lens before inserting it into one of the lens sockets on an Arri camera. Best, -Tim
  13. I've done what Will and Tyler describe. Shoot regular-16, use slow film stock like 50D or 100T (I've even gotten by with 250D) and have it scanned to HD with a Spirit. It's very do-able if a regular-16 camera is all you can afford. Try to use good lenses, like the 10-100 Will listed above, or any of the first generation Zeiss Super Speeds with the bayonet mount, or if you can find a decent set, I always had great luck with the Cooke Kinetal line of lenses, and the Cooke Varokinetal 9-50mm T2.5 cine zoom is excellent. Best, -Tim
  14. Hey Thomas, nice camera. That is one of the last production Arriflex 16S cameras, with the APEX built-in light-metering system. Very cool. Is the serial number in the 19XXX range? Best, -Tim
  15. Nicely done Duncan. Best, -Tim
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