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  1. Thank you for your reply...gives me a confidence to make a decision. :)
  2. Hello everyone... For a feature project currently getting to completion we have two options for scanning and grading or Super 16 negatives at two different facilities. Option 1. Spirit scanner and Lustre grading software Option 2. Imagica scanner and Nucoda grading software I went through the brochures / info available and both the scanners have more or less same specifications (except Spirit is continuous scanning and Imagica is pull down.) It seems the grading software depends a lot on the skills of the Colorist. We took a test on the option 2 and printed on both Fuji and Kodak positive stock on a Cinevator. The results were decent. It was very difficult to find a difference with both the stock. But I am wondering if Option 1 is better compared to Option 2. I am not in a position to do a test on Option 1...the reason for this post. Does anyone got any experience in working on these platforms. Cost-wise the Option 2 is 25% cheaper...so my natural tendency is to go for that. Thanking you, AK
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    Thanks. I am planning to work with a crew of 6 (and 3 artists) and an XTR or even an Arri would be too big. Plus its India...you put a camera on a tripod and you need crowd control. You put a camera on your shoulder and you can probably pass off as a tourist. Let me check with my Sound Designer if 30DB will be a problem.
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    Hello: I need an A-Minima with a set of block lens or a good zoom for a feature to be shot in India in December 2008/Jan 2009. The shoot will be with a minimal set of crew (5-6 persons plus 2-3 actors) in crowded localities...I cannot afford 35MM and I need a small silent camera. Write to me on bayankaran [at] yahoo.com - replace [at] with @. Give a phone number and I can call you. Thanks.
  5. Hello: For a future production, I am planning to purchase an A-Minima unit. The production is going to be in India. I need to purchase by the end of this month. One of our producers is going to be in New York first week of November and he will be bringing the unit to India. Please reply with your details and a phone number to anupk@visualpossibility.com Thanks and regards, Anup
  6. Here are the #s of Kodak reps in India - you can also find an email from the website Entertainment Imaging Tel no (91-22) 66416762 http://www.kodak.co.in/go/motion For Fuji search for Patel India Distributors, Tardeo, Bombay. The country has ample stock of 35MM any time. But if you need specific 16MM stock (like A-Minima stock), you will have order 6 weeks in advance. Prasad Labs, Bombay has Kodak Kit Chemistry processing which is the best in India. And I think India will still use motion picture film even after the whole west goes digital.
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