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  1. Hello, Low budget short film. I want to go for a less ENG look that 60i/50i provides. Going for a more cinematic look I was thinking about buying the new JVC GY-HD100 HDV...but honestly I feel it's not that "pro" and not production proven yet. The other option is a JVC-DV5100 I could get for approx the same price and even if it's SD it just looks more professional to me. High dynamic range, 1/2 CCDs, result of it's high rez frame mode looks like progressive scan to me. So I think instead of buying the GY-HD100 and using it in the 720p/24 mode I would go for a PAL (25fps/frame mode) GY-DV5100. What do you think? Thanks! Krix
  2. Hello, This is what I found when I was looking for the definition of Cinematographer and DP. Cinematographer The cinematographer makes decisions based on the visual aspects of a film - from camera and lens choices to lighting design and film stock decisions. Director of Photography The cinematography in charge of making the director's idea of a scene a visual reality. Are these positions the same job or different jobs with overlapping duties? I am looking for examples based on real film sets. Thanks Krix P.S. I guess on low budget sets one person does "everything"?
  3. Hi, Could you please tell me about the "High Rez Frame Mode"? I couldn't find any technical detail about it. Is it an advanced frame mode without vertical resolution loss? Thanks! Cheers, Krix
  4. Hi, Some more information about the GY-HD100 and GY-HD7000 etc. Cheers, Krix
  5. Hi there, I would like to know what camera/format (film,video->interlace/progressive) they are using for TV series, like Friends, CSI, ER, and older ones like Family Ties, Dallas etc. One looks like high-end video, the other looks like film. Some of them have different look and it would be good to know that what media format they were using. Thanks! Krix
  6. Yes. You are right. The whole life is easier with DV that is for sure. The only thing what really makes me think that what can I get for $1000? A Sony TRV900...maybe... That's the point. :( Krix
  7. Hi guys, I'm facing similar problems here. So I need some advice. The situation is that I will begin shooting a documentary soon. I have a JVC DV4000U that should be top-line in the consumer area...however it's a piece of crap. And as you know, a decent mini DV like JVC GY-DV500 etc. costs way above $1000 and usually above $2000 if it's in a good shape. I'm thinking about to go for an older but "professional" format and camera. I am (of course) not planning to use it until the end of my life but it could serve as a temporary pro equipment. I'll probably have to record 80-100 hours in "broadcast quality" with accurate colors, sharpness etc. The most important aspect for me is to have a decent master that I can transfer to DV and edit on the computer later on! I've got a good deal on a Panasonic WV-F700 3ccd 2/3 with Canon J15X9.5 15x Zoom Lens, MII AU-410 Docking Back, a Studio Back, a Betacam SP Docking Adapter, case, and 10 New, Sealed MII 20 min. stock, tripod plate, power supply for $1000. What do you think? Thanks, Krix
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