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  1. Hi, As far as I know "Iraq In Fragments" after it was edited, the final master video was transfered to film and maybe back to video again(?). That would definitely result a film look. Also 35mm adapters are great, there are nice plug-ins to create smooth and random graininess in video that can give you film like look. Nattress? I haven't try it yet...
  2. Can I ask from where are you buying the HVX200 where they give you two 16GB P2 card? I am planing to get the same setup + steady cam system...etc. and I am trying to find the best deal. Thanx Tio
  3. Hey Gary, wow these bad places spread on the net like the worst kind of virus. I know some sell the HVX for a ridiculous low price around $2500! They definitely have bad reputations. I call them "accessory bombers" since that is what they do or just simply collect credit card info. However this store on the ebay in my previous post has great ebay feedbacks although I am a bit always cautious with ebay sellers. Tio
  4. I haven't checked the transfer rate of the FireStore but it seems to me that the 40MB/s 24P is OK with that. I would buy both the JVC and the HVX200 if I had enough money. But hey, if I had that amount of money I would possibly go for the HVX500 or better... Actually I have seen some amazing professional quality material made with HVX200 with 35mm adapters. If I buy the HVX200 I still have to get at least two P2 cards minimum 8GB each. Than maybe the Brevis35 or RedrockM2? I also need a steady cam like maybe the GlideCam Pro4000? Also need to get extra batteries for the HVX and who knows what else comes up that usually comes up during practical usage of the camera that you figure you need it for that certain shoot to make as good as it is just possible. Money, money and more money... There is an ebay store selling the HVX200 for a really great price $4249! Do some of you know them if they are reputable? Should I buy the HVX from them? Thank you all for the helping inputs! Tio
  5. I totally agree. I have a question about the FireStore. Is it possible to do a recording into the FireStore with the same 100MB/s transfer rate as with a P2 card? Definitely the HVX200 manages a smoother softer touch to the pictures yet somehow still capable to give the impression of sharpness. And that is "film" isn't it?! However isn't it possible to create a more film like smoothness in post production with the sharper JVC material? I would go for the JVC except I am disturbed by the problems and certain artifacts of the HDV compression. Because of this it might be more reasonable to go with DVCPro thus I am leaning towards the purchase of the HVX200 with a nice usable 35mm adapter and preferably a Leica 50mm lens on it. It seems the HVX200 has the needed quality and an easy, fast workflow. I am also an Apple enthusiast and I have two G5 towers and a MacBook. :rolleyes:
  6. Walter, I am new to this site but I have already found many helpful info here including your posts and tests you performed. I read your comparison test of HD100 v. HVX200 and both camcorders have their pros and cons. I am planing to buy either the JVC GY-HD200U or the Panasonic AG-HVX200. As of now I still cannot decide which one would be the best for my purposes. I am mostly after the film type of look and I mainly plan to shoot music videos and short films, maybe even commercials. In your tests I like the more detail picture quality in the HD100 but I prefer the HVX200 motion capture. I am not really happy about the low light noise level of the HVX200 but I know that there are very nice de-noiser Plug-Ins for video editing softwares. I know for fact that these plug-ins do amazing job on pictures in Photoshop. I like the almost glassy looking slow motion possibilities with the HVX200 (record 720/60p and play it 720/24p) since it creates a bit less motion blurring. Here are my questions: Have you had any experiences working with noise reduction plug-ins? In your opinion how much better JVC made the picture quality and the motion capture quality in the JVC GY-HD200U v. HD100? Does the JVC GY-HD200U creates similar or better slow motion quality the same way as the HVX200 does? Thank you for any help you can provide, Tio
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