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  1. they are fantastic ideas guys. It will basically be a reconstruction of greyhound race. But already I see how well this will work out hopefully. What if I took several exactly similar shots of the area and made the cast move around the frame (similar to a time lapse but all at once) and then in FCP I could lump them down on top of each other and change the opacity? I'm already thinking that this was going to be a fairly effected reconstruction....I'll give it a try. Thanks again
  2. Ok question here. whats the best way to make a crowd scene with 5 guys and 2 girls? I was going to have 5 guys and 5 girls but 3 girls "had to do something". to make the most of things I'll need to have those 5 people in each shot and alternate costumes I guess. any ideas?
  3. It does indeed, unfortunatly we went out today shooting G/Vs in DV. Thanks again....! finally a straight answer!
  4. I'm about to go out and shoot a documentary (I'm a student). We have a Sony HDV-1 at our disposal. The doc may end up on TV. should I shoot in DV or HDV? I asked the lecturers who didn't seem to care/know to much. I know you have to import HDV to the offline computers at full quality and that its a pain in the ass. but i want the best quality I can get with these cameras even if it means going behind the lecturers backs. HDV or DV? is there really a noticable difference?
  5. Hmmm, that was interesting. I forgot to mention that all the whole show has to be as Gaeilge or in Irish Gaelic as you may more familiarly know it. I could do "Gonzo as Gaeilge".... I like the idea. tommorrow I'll meet with the organisers. and see what they think
  6. haha, My favorite one (of which I have no photographs) is one I saw in a University. In the toilets of the Arts faculty building there was a toilet paper dispenser with the words "Arts Degree; Please Take One" nicley stenciled above it.
  7. Thanks guys, I guess you are right....maybe I'm complaining a bit too much and i had my expectations for a nice'n'smooth production set a little too high....Its just that no one else on the course seems to be encountering half the hassle and bother that I am. And if I do pull it off with all these challenges, maybe It'll work to my advantage...I just wanted to get it off my chest a bit.
  8. Right I need any help at all that you guys might be able to muster on this story...please Long Story Short...I'm doing a T.V. Production Course. 12 students. 12 Ideas. 1 student left....11 students. 11 Ideas. 5 get picked for production and possible national TV Broadcast. Before the choice of 5 shows was made I was told to fundamentally change the nature of my program proposal. ( my show was about the life of a famous coursing greyhound, and the present day sport animal rights etc.) I was told to focus on one or the other half way through December. I decided to focus on the life of the famous greyhound. Problem one: Because of this change I had to loose some of my interviewees as they really had nothing to do with the history of it. Back in January after the break, I learn that my show has not been picked for production. Fine says I, and I focus all my energies on trying to be a really good editor for someone elses program. Problem two: Two weeks later one of the girls whose proposal got picked realises that she is fully unable to do her program for reasons i won't go into. The lecturers turn to me and ask me to produce my program, which on the day because I was in such a good mood agreed to...Unfortunatly I didn't realise that this would cause problems later on. i.e. I had just lost 2 weeks of prep work. Problem 3: The Shooting Schedules are announced, 3 weeks: 1st week two shows get filmed, 2nd week another two, 3rd week the last show. My program is going to be in the first week(18/02/08) again due to excess seratonin levels, thought this was fine. and didn't cop on that in fact it was completely unfair that everyone else was getting between 2 and 4 weeks extra prep than me. Problem four:OK this one is my fault, I took down the shooting schedules wrong. I not realised until today that in fact I am due to be shooting on the 11/02/08. Exactly one week from tomorrow. The interviews I have set up will have to be changed. Also I have found just recently that there is a big coursing competition on that week and that all the greyhounds and greyhoundy people will be unavailable. Also because of the academic nature of the course there is zero funding....and I 'm working with animals....and I had a gig scheduled that week and a funeral is also on the cards dunno when but soon i reckon god forgive me....... Now I'm after losing all faith and motivation in an industry I loved as a kid. And everyday I see all the other projects with their props ready and great success... ugh!! I think I'm going mad.....any words of advice before i do so... THANKS cHRIS
  9. Thats another excellent low budgie idea! thanks!
  10. Well I intend to film both drag coursing and live hare coursing including interviews with people on both sides of the argument. I also have a few hounds at my disposal to to reconstruct several scenes from Master McGrath (very interesting) story. I was hoping to get a few nice extras of the dogs running. It wasn't filming the coursing thats the problem (well there is one problem but thats for another day) its getting some special shots of the dogs in motion that I want. I intend to stay well back when filming any competitive races... thanks again!
  11. Oh of course no footage is worth killing something. Ya i have some experience with greyhounds....i've done the research. I saw a dog die of a heart attack after chasing a hare.....
  12. All your ideas are really good guys. I never knew there were so many different things on the market. Unfortunatly due to the pittance of a budget we get for shooting this....(The students are trained in directing, editing, sound, script and get no actual money for the work, however professional, they put in. The equipment is supplied free of charge from the production company. And we are expected to find free resources also. ) So I think they give us no more than ?2000 per production, month on pre-production, 5 days to shoot, 5 days to edit. Also the fact that I can't find these DoggiCams and Cablecams in Ireland for rent, is a problem. So I think at this stage Tim has probably the most suitable idea for my situation. I may try and borrow my friends Porsche too.... :D , but seriously i'll try the scooter and sidecar if i can get my hands on one. Thanks again, Chris
  13. Hi Guys, I'm new around here, currently doing a higher diploma television production course in ireland. I'm getting ready for a pitch and if successful it will be screened on national t.v. I plan to do a documentary on a very famous coursing greyhound named Master McGrath. And for the pitch I'll be discussing the visual aspects of the preogramme. Now I have a few visual ideas, but I was wondering would it be difficult to film a greyhound running through a field. Obviously I mean to follow the greyhound as he runs. I thought about using tracks or even putting the camera on the back of a scooter. But does anyone have any other ideas or suggestions on this cos, greyhounds run really fast!! Thanks for any help.. Chris Joyce
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