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  1. I'm a newer AC working in the DC area. Looking for work, willing to travel. Open to Camera PA opportunities too. I've worked on very small productions as a 2nd AC/data loader. I learn fast and work hard, I also have a positive attitude. I can be contacted at gwg@alomafilms.com or 571-218-0849.
  2. Niki, I've shot 3 shorts now and have worked on a couple of others too. If I'm shooting in public I always inform the local PD in advance and ask them to make a supervisor and the dispatcher aware of where I am and what I'm doing. This way if anyone calls about anything PD should already know about it and will not freak out. Most of the time they say thanks for letting us know and please don't block any roads or anything. I always get written permission to shoot on privet property and carry a copy with me in case anyone questions us. I've NEVER run in to any one being rude or messing with us. The PD has been nothing but nice when I contact them in advance. I know other filmmakers in the area that did not contact anyone in advance and got shut down fast. My point is its easy to go online find out the rules and who to call. Why not take the time and do it right. That way you don't waste your time or even worse get people arrested or hurt.
  3. I'm a Broadcast TV guy looking to get in to film work. I live in the D.C. area and I'm willing to start off as a loader and work my way up. I'm looking to make some contacts with DPs in the area that are looking for a loader and willing to show me how to do it as I have no experience. I learn fast and I'm a hard and dedicated worker.
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