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  1. Hello everybody, Has anyone of you made a comparative test between Alexa and Amira under the same conditions? According to Tech Specs, both cameras have exactly the same sensor. But is it possible to tell the difference between the two cameras, assuming they are using the same codec and ISO settings, the same lens and t-stop and the same lighting conditions? I´m looking forward to hear your opinions and experiences about this. Thanks, Matteo
  2. Hello everybody, I´m thinking of buying an Easyrig. What kind of absorber should I get? Considering I mainly shoot with cameras like Alexa or Epic. And do you suggest using the extended arm? Thanks in advance for your help! Best, Matteo
  3. Hello everybody, I´d love to hear some feedback about my work: www.matteo-cocco-com Since I don´t shoot commercials, you won´t find a traditional reel. I believe cinematography is more about storytelling than beautiful pictures, so I edited some kind of "Cinematography trailer" for each project, underlining the mood and feeling. Let me know what you think about it!
  4. Hi Matthew, Since I don´t shoot commercials, I decided not to edit a traditional reel. Cinematography is not about making beautiful pictures, but more about storytelling. So I decided to edit some kind of "Cinematography Trailer" for each project, which should underline the coherence of pictures within a story. Still curious to know what you think about it!
  5. Please take a look at my work and feel free to make any comments! www.matteo-cocco.com Best Matteo
  6. Hi everybody, I will soon shoot a feature with the Red Epic. Most of the movie will be shot handheld with an Easyrig. The director would like to do some occasional walk&talks or similar with a steadicam. Since we have only one camera body and are shooting on a very tight schedule, I would rather avoid to switch every time to steadicam and back to handheld in order to save time a be flexible during the shooting. Do you guys have any ideas or suggestions, considering that a Gyro system won´t work, since we´re recording sound. I mean, the camera won´t be to heavy since il be using Zeiss Highspeed lenses and a lightweight mattebox, but still I´m looking for some idea that will stylistically make a difference compared to handheld. Any ideas are very welcome! Thanks, Matteo
  7. Hi everybody! i´m looking for a database of all film festivals worldwide which include a Cinematography category, both for Short and Feature Films, documentary or fiction. Does anyone know any website? cheers matteo
  8. Does it work? Has anyone tried? Thanks, Matteo
  9. Has anybody a good tip on where to buy a Magliner or camera cart in Europe? Thanks! Matteo
  10. Thanks for your help. We were actually thinking of using another camera system for that sequence....
  11. Hi, Does anybody have a link to a detailed 7d/5d workflow with Premiere CS5 with maximum quality? Thanks!
  12. Hello everybody, I'm prepping for a feature film to be shot with the Red One. We've done some test shooting in September and had some worries concerning the rolling shutter. The whole opening sequence is shot from a moving Train and we don't really like how objects in the foreground look. I did some research and found out there are many Plug-ins to remove this Jellocam effect. I'm just wondering how good these software are for a theatrical release. Do you have any suggestions or ideas? Thanks a lot! Matteo
  13. Hi everybody, Do you have any suggestions to shoot with the 5D MkII in Black and White. What are the best settings? Thanks for your help, Matteo
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