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  1. Hi Timothy, Wondering if the Preston is still available. Thank you for your time. Scott
  2. MOVI M10 in pristine condition. Just add camera and shoot. $5500 obo. Payment through Paypal please. You can contact me directly at ippolito@crazylegsproductions.com Click on dropbox link for photos. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3u6jypij74u3peb/AAB1P4FysJbBPVrt04rgSx5ia?dl=0
  3. This is a PIX 240 unit with 4 PIX caddies and 4 240GB SSD Drives. It has the standard plexi screen protector which I put on day one so the LCD is flawless. The unit is in perfect physical condition. I used it mounted to the a 17"monitor so It never bounced around and got beat up on a handheld camera. It has the magnetic lens hood that comes standard as well as a P-tap power cable and the regular AC power unit. It's an amazing piece of gear. Only selling because I am upgrading from an F3. Has the latest firmware Aurora 3.01 installed. Asking $3200, but I will entertain all reasonable offers. Please email, as I don't check my PMs. Thanks for looking. Best, Scott scottippolito@gmail.com
  4. I have two Easy Rig Cinema 3 600Ns for sale. Used briefly on a six week TV show. Very much in 'like new' condition. Cost 3525 at B&H. Will entertain all reasonable offers. I'm sure most are familiar with the easy rig, but if not here is the link to the same models I am selling. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/683375-REG/Easyrig_ERIG_600_3_Cinema_3_600N_Stabilizing.html Thanks for looking. Please email, as I don't check my PMs. Best, Scott scottippolito@gmail.com
  5. Hi I'm interested in the straw filters. You can contact me at scottippolito at gmail dot com.
  6. Hello, I have a brand new Easyrig 600N for sale. Bought two for a TV series, but the B Operator didn't like it. Asking $3300. Thanks for looking. Scott Please email at scottalt123@gmail.com
  7. Hello, I have a PIX 240 for sale. It comes with the PIX unit, sunshade, screen protector, four pix caddies, and four 250 GB SSD drives. I've owned it for six months and it has worked great. I've upgraded to a new camera so I am no longer using it. The screen is pristine with no scratches. Thanks for looking. Price 2700.00 Scott Please email at scottalt123@gmail.com
  8. Hello, wondering if this is still for sale. Thanks for your time. Scott scottippolito@gmail.com
  9. Hello, I'm looking to buy a RED 50-150mm Zoom. Please contact me directly at scottippolito@gmail.com Thanks, Scott
  10. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone else who owns an O'Connor O Box matte box has had troubles with the eyebrow (top flag) becoming stuck. The first time it became stuck it literally broke off in an assistant's hand as he gingerly tried to adjust it. I had it repaired and since then I have tried everything I can think of to make it move more easily. I have taken it apart several times and lubricated the hinge pieces with silicone. When that didn't work I tried graphite. Nothing has worked. Once again it broke off as it was being adjusted. I'm wondering if this is a common thing that others are experiencing. I've never had a problem with anything O'Connor so I'm wondering if I just got a lemon. Thanks. Scott
  11. Hello, I'm selling a Canon Mark ii 5D. It's in good shape. Cosmetically it shows typical wear from being handled. Performance wise it's still in first class condition. Looking for $1650. If you're interested, please let me know. Open to reasonable offers. Thanks for looking. Scott
  12. Hello, I have a Kessler 3 foot CineSlider for sale. I had been using it for documentary and run and gun guerilla type shoots. I've enjoyed it, but frankly I just don't use it anymore. I'm not doing as much run and gun stuff anymore and usually I rent a longer slider if I need one. You can mount it on any hard surface like apple boxes. You can also mount it to a tripod or to two light stands. It comes with a few accessories. These allowed me to mount the slider to a 75mm bowl tripod and mount a small Sachtler FSB6 Head on the slider carriage. The included accessories are: Kessler Flat Mount Adaptor- to mount a small head on the slider's carriage. Kessler Ball Mount- to mount the slider to a small set of sticks with a 75mm bowl. Hard Travel Case. I have a few other bits and bobs that I will include as well. Nothing major, but little things like adhesive measuring tape so that you can mark beginning and endpoints if you need to for some reason. Links to the items are below. If you need more information, please check out www.kesslercrane.com. They have all sorts of information and videos showing the products at work. The Slider: http://www.kesslercrane.com/product-p/100154.htm The Flat Mount Adaptor: http://www.kesslercrane.com/product-p/flat_mount_adapter.htm The Ball Mount: http://www.kesslercrane.com/product-p/100126.htm The Hard Travel Case: http://www.kesslercrane.com/product-p/100163.htm All total the included stuff cost $1600 and some change. I'm asking $1000, but am open to any reasonable offers. Thank you for looking. Scott
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