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  1. Thanks for the help Bill, I have a few more questions though and it looks like I'll be getting to test one late next week. How did you go about getting your exposure right, meaning how were you sure about your creative exposure judgements and lighting? Did you use some kind of monitor, work from the autoexposure setting or use a light meter? What is the approximate ASA of the camera? Did you use one of the follow focus rigs available and could you focus well enough with the viewfinder or screen?
  2. So, I take it that you rented a DVX100, Bill T? How was your experience with it?
  3. Go for a k-3, I can attest to their quality and the movement is good. You won't loose a lot if it gets bashed. $150 plus $50 shipping from Mother Russia.
  4. >>I've seen some DVX100 footage uprezzed (I like to say "upfuzzed" :lol: ) and I was surprised at how good it did look. I would rather not uprez to HD but it could be a requirement of distribution. Can you cite any specific programs completed this way with the DVX-100. >>The Panasonic SDX900 is an SD camera that has the 24p function and is almost the same quality as DigiBeta. It is a native 16:9 2/3" camera that records to DVCPro50 with 3:1:1 compression and 4:2:2 color sampling. This is the camera I would like to use but it is out of my budget range. :(
  5. I'm planning on shooting a documentary in 24p with the DVX100. I would like to wind up with a HDCAM master, anyone had any experience with up-rezing with this camera? I assume it would be better to shoot in the 24p advanced mode when doing this because of the whole "C" frame thing. But if I also shot some portions of this docco on 16mm and it will certainly contain film elements from the 50's and 60's (all formats I imagine) then transfered to HD would it be better to use normal 24p mode to match the effects of pull down in the film elements? What is the best way to get to 16x9 shooting with this camera? Lens adapter? Post? or using a DVX-100A in 16x9 mode (not sure if the specified rental house will have one when production starts)? Also what is the best standard definition 16x9 format master if we ultimately can't afford HD?
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