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  1. I owned 2 416s actually but agreed. Glad to have made something out of 2020 for someone. SOLD!
  2. I hope all is staying safe throughout the tough times! Here I have a great condition Arriflex 416 Plus kit available on offers. Includes: Arriflex 416 Plus Body Top Handle Viewfinder 400 Mags 2x Cables IVS Video Tap Cases $7250 Email me at jasonlamarking@gmail.com if interested!
  3. Hi I am selling my Alexa studio package. I was going to keep the package after I sold my Mini but I'm barely using it at the moment and I don't have any future projects. The package is in excellent condition and includes: Arri Alexa Studio XR 4:3 License Bundle Arri PL ARRI Ground Glass 16:9 Spherical, 800 ARRI 435 Viewfinder Extension Medium FE-5 SxS Card Reader SxS Card Reader 5x 64gb SxS Pro Cards Codex SxS to XR adapter Arri Heated Eyecup ARRI Heated Eyecup Cable Alexa Studio Field Lens 12" Dovetail Plate Arri FE-3 Extension Finder FE-3 Extension Finder Caps Polarized SMA Antenna Alexa Rolling Case Hours: 3431 $12,500 jasonlamarking@gmail.com
  4. Still available. I’m willing to sell it at a lower price if the offer is right.
  5. I am selling a Mini viewfinder that is in excellent shape. I sold my Mini but the buyer didn’t need the viewfinder because he already had one for it. The viewfinder will include the cable and L bracket. Price: $5500 Email: jasonlamarking@gmail.com
  6. So I bought some of the Cree 100w Daylight globes from Home Depot and we tested them today with C300's shooting 23.98. They did not flicker at full brightness and are very punchy for a LED light. I did not have a chance to test them on camera while dimmed but they do have a useful range that they can be dimmed on a hand squeezer. We replaced all the CFL globes in ceiling can lights throughout our picture house with these and shot several Reality TV scenes and they were a perfect mix with our Lite Gear Light Mats set to full daylight and the daylight coming from the windows.
  7. Thanks for the tip Stuart. Just picked up a couple and will test. Anybody else??
  8. Any good recs on a LED globe that could replace a blue dipped photo flood? Looking for something with a screw base that could put out around 250w equivalent daylight that won't flicker. Hopefully it would also be frosted. Anything out there like that?
  9. I don't believe that to be true. Maybe some heat could build up and shorten globe life but don't expect it to blow within minutes. I certainly wouldn't let it worry me. There is only so many scrims you can stuff into a lamp and if you need more than that you should change the fixture. Just remember for the next setup.
  10. I'm on a show with one that prepped out of Panavision Woodland Hills. There have been a couple of strange things that have happened with the camera but I won't go into it because I don't know enough about them. The DP is shooting at 800iso but metering for 640 because tests suggested that the camera wasn't quite 800. We've been setting keys around a 2/2.8 split and fill around a 1.4. I tend to agree with him, the camera maybe doesn't dig as well into the low lights as you would think. It's just a general impression on set and maybe we're splitting hairs but it's informative to try to nail things down as exact as possible with a new camera. The images look good so far but I really want to see graded material on a large monitor before making a call. Certainly the camera has out grown it's physical format. That handi-cam setup is lame, truthfully.
  11. I think Hollywood has a producer problem really. There aren't any David O. Selznick's around these days.
  12. Small generators typically have normal sockets on them. They can be had with a 60amp bates installed. Large generators are typically going to have cam-lock connectors for your feeder lines which terminate at a distro box where you can get bates power.
  13. There are several key things that I have a problem with in this situation. 1. The Gaffer simply wasn't qualified. 2. What use was the gaffer if he was manning a condor all night? 3. Why was anybody even in it? You can control it from the ground quite easily. 4. Why was there no Key Grip? Using a condor automatically calls for at least a Gaffer, an electrician trained in the safe use of a condor, a qualified Key Grip and his grip. None of these people come at student rates. 5. The "Gaffer" should have noted the above and suggested alternatives such as a "poor mans condor" (8x Ultra or silver lame on two Mombos with a 12/18K bounced in it) or an Avenger stand. Both of these are still a handful and risky without qualified crew. 6. You shouldn't be anywhere near ANY lines on poles! You don't know what they are! 7. Students are just that. Condors, large lighting units and large rigs are really a no no on student productions. Sounds to me like no one bothered to talk to this poor fellow because they are going to blame him and I can't say that they are necessarily wrong.
  14. You can use them lots of ways. Some of the common ones are to bounce back the sun as a kicker in a front/side lit situation or bounce the sun back as Key in a back lit situation. It's common to send it through a 4x frame of Hi-lite or the like to soften it up. You can also knock it down with a net. The soft side from a ways back works great on men just like it is. The problems you can run into are the changing sun angle and the area it lights up is actually kind of small. I use them most often to push light into dark holes like car interiors, tunnels, entry ways, tents, bridges, overhangs, car ports etc.
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