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  1. http://exposureroom.com/members/OlegKalyan...b929998337a2a3/
  2. Hi Jamie, Thank you very much for watching, comments. that was shot with Canon 5D mk2 mostly with Nikkor 50mm 1.2 lens shot between 1.4 and 2 almost open. Some shot are with Canon 70 200 IS 2.8 wide open. Yes, I skipped the line couple of times, sorry about some possible disorietation, I felt it worked for the story though. Cheers, Oleg.
  3. Prorez 422 HQ conversion of both h264 and HDV material is a first step then you can confirm them to same frame rate. Hope it helps.
  4. It's well done, I thought, however, the hard video look kills the essence of dramatic story telling that the piece imply.
  5. Martin, you did a good job imo, however, it's too objective overall, too many medium shots, I'd wanted to see it more of a subjective camera to convey more emotional content of the heroes, the scene. Cheers!
  6. http://o-k.smugmug.com/gallery/7468327_vqA...6_RpTh3#000000_ it's about 7 min, please let me know what you think. do you feel that the rule of line crossing apply here, I mean does it seem like a disorienting inside the church? Thanks in advance for a feedback.
  7. Please let me know if the rule of line crossing apply here, my recent documentary. http://o-k.smugmug.com/gallery/7468327_vqA...6_RpTh3#000000_
  8. Tim, thank you, it was shot on video, no film here : ), and in post I only did a bit of exposure correction, not color correction. for the most part Nikkor 50mm 1.2 lens, via 35mm adapter, on H1 camera, all wide angle shots are done with 0.3 wide adapter on Canon HV30 camera. The last scene is done with Canon A1 camera, no adapter.
  9. A Cinematic Engagement clip, please critique, let me know what you think. http://www.olegkalyan.ru/_Quicktime/JuneDaydream.wmv
  10. Seriously, in addition to my last comment, would like to hear views on a style of shooting and editing used in a clip. Cheers!
  11. Ira, really appreciate so many nice words! You are way too kind : ) :rolleyes: This was a particular wedding, (aren't they all after all, to me they are!) Yet, there was very powerful emotional exchange expressed during a dance, between the father and the bride. I happened to record a rare and intimate dance, almost at the end of the event, I have not seen anything like this before, to that degree of expression, it's to me where the Life itself is more beautiful than a movie or a fiction! All you've seen is shot during a wedding day, and I can tell it's affordable! A promo is a part from a 1 hour 45 minutes wedding film, some of the most expressive moments and F&B dance to keeps the structure of the clip. The editing and some bold camera moves are to add to emotional dynamic of the day, at the beginning used 35 mm optics on a Canon H1 camera. I live in Moscow, Russia now, but spent 12 years of my life in Los Angeles. Deal! : ) You are still way too young, I produced a documentary on a 70 year old American man, traveling to Colombia to find an 18 year old girl, to marry her! Remarkable real strory! It was screened at Long Beach International Film Festival, back in 2003.
  12. Randy, your reel looks good to me, one thing I've noticed, action sequences, running shots, fighting look a little contrived, I suppose it's directing, more dynamic camera moves could emphasize urgency, abrupt change of pace... Loved engagement ring shots! Do you shoot all stedicam yourself? Keep great work coming...
  13. Please take a look, give your opinion on a latest wedding promo. I really was not sure if that kind of work would be of interest here. Several shooting, editing techniques used, (with Passion : ) Appreciate letting me know what your think after viewing! Oleg. http://www.olegkalyan.ru/_Quicktime/Junepromo.wmv about 35 mb.
  14. Too much lost in blacks, why there is so much magenta everywhere? Overall unimpressed, look videoish, in latitude mainly, "hard" But Great Effort. Keep on working!
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