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  1. I saw this lens at NAB and wondered if it would work on my beaulieu 4008 ZM II?
  2. I found a nice example of wide angle footage from a music video shot on the 1014 XLS with the Canon C-8 wide angle adapter here.
  3. I just received my Century 3.5mm super wide lens in the mail today. I'm pretty happy with it although I'd still like something even wider. I'm guessing the field of view is probably around 110 degrees. Will post stills once I get some footage back from transfer. Another note of interest on the wide angle topic... I saw a Samigon Fisheye 180 degree Aux C-mount lens sell on ebay this last week for about $80... I was curious about this lens and was wondering if anyone knew anything about it? I haven't seen any samigon c-mount lenses before and was tempted to bid but couldn't justify after spending $$$ on my Century 3.5mm. Is this samigon lense any good?
  4. Yes and the webpage is here: http://www.americancinespec.com/pages/Beaulieu.html
  5. I found another video on vimeo from Wade to share some examples of wide angle footage. This one was apparently shot on a Nikon R10 with a UWL adapter. I thought I remember hearing people had a difficult time with this set-up but this footage doesn't look too bad. Would be nice to see it on a better transfer though. and
  6. Thanks Glenn. I really appreciate your advice, I actually found a super wide 3.5mm for super 8 and I'm expecting it soon, so I'll post some frames after I get a chance to play with it. I'm anxious to see what the framing looks like and how wide it is.
  7. So between the two 3.5mm lenses you mention, which one would be a wider angle of view on my beaulieu 4008 ZMII? You mention the 3.5mm f/1.8 Extreme Wide Angle being a 16mm lens, will it work for super 8... I suppose it wouldn't be as wide on super 8mm, right? How do you tell the difference in the lenses? is it just the name "super wide" for super 8mm vs. "extreme wide" for 16mm? I noticed that the footage I posted of Tom Houston's 3.5mm extreme wide angle on the 4008 ZMII was not as wide as I was expecting it to be. Would it be wider on the "century 3.5mm super wide angle lens"? Thanks... It's all about the details.
  8. Thanks David! Nice frame grabs. Thanks for taking the time to share! I wish that someone would post a frame or two from a Beaulieu 4008 ZMII with a Century 1.9mm lens, like the one that Duall rents... Would be nice to see if it's worth the rental. Has anyone tried this lens? Would there be vignetting?
  9. Woops I missed the link to Tom's footage in my first post. So here it is: By Tom Houston. BTW he was reccomended to me by Bernie Odoherty for Recelling original Beaulieu Batteries for the 4008 ZM II Tom's website is
  10. Canon 1014 XL-S with C-8 wide angle adapter footage. From Randy Simon. Looks like there's a little bit of vignetting and it also looks like it might be stretched wide. Beaulieu 4008 ZM II with c mount CCTV lens and wide angle adapter From myself. This footage shot with a few different lenses but specifically the shots at 00:22 to 00:26 and 2:32 to 2:38 I know were from this lens. I've had mixed results with this set-up some times it's in focus sometimes it's not. Pics of this lens setup and a couple stills from other footage can be seen here. A beaulieu 5008 with "shnieder 6-70" and a "canon c-8 5mm wide angle gaffed on the front" From Mulesfilm. Too much vignetting for my taste. Pro 8mm Classic Beaulieu 4008 ZM II with 3.5mm elgeet and 3.5mm Century. By SmartAss Productions, There was an article on this set up in Small Format March 2007 here. At the end of page 17. And the video they refer to is the 2006 Copa Tecate Music video which can be seen in SmartAss Production's screening room... sorry couldn't find the link but if you go to their website it's easy to find just look for 2006 copa tecate music video in there screening room. Footage looks good but not as wide as I'd like to get... it wouldn't be wider but maybe an HD transfer would give it a different look. I'll try to post more when I get the chance. But what do you got?
  11. I've found it a challenge getting consistent good quality ultra wide angle to fisheye shots on super 8. It means we've got to have either a good quality wide angle adapter that stays in focus, or a Century C mount of 1.9mm, or a 2.5mm which seem next to impossible to find and then have it collimated for our camera. Duall in NYC rents a 1.9mm but if you rent you've got to have it collimated for your camera and if you don't live in NYC that also means extra days of rental time to have it shipped. Perhaps some feel the Century 3.5mm is wide enough but the only footage I've seen is from Tom Houston, a great guy who does great work, has posted his 3.5mm footage here. But for me that's just not wide enough. So to help myself and hopefully others to see what they might be getting into with adapters or Cmount lenses, etc. I thought for those of us who care we could post some ultra wide angle to fisheye footage if we've got any or post a link to footage you've seen. Also I'm very curious to see if anyone has footage from the Canon 1014 XL-s with a C-8 wide angle adapter. I'll post a few shots and or links to wide angle stuff I've found too and be sure to post what lens and camera was used.
  12. I'm interested in getting one of those Nikon F to C-mount adapters so I can use Nikon lenses on my beaulieu 4008 ZM II. I do realize there's a big difference in the field of view (no worries I'm not bringing that one up again) I've noticed on ebay some AI'd or AIS lenses say they will fit on older f mount cameras. Will they fit on a nikon f to c-mount adapter. If not is there a different adapter... like a AIS to c-mount? Couldn't find any answers to this when I searched and I want to make sure before I purchase anything. Thanks!
  13. Well I think I'm going to go with a recelled NiMh battery from Tom Houston of filmmaker8 you can purchase new batteries from him or send him your old ones and he'll recell them for you. He also sells a cool smart charger. It requires a slight in camera modification but sounds like it will be a good solution. He came reccomended by Bernie Odoherty of Super 16inc. who I always send my camera to for servicing.
  14. I've been thinking how nice it would be to have a Wireless trigger for Beaulieu 4008 ZMII? any thoughts/ideas on how this might be done??? Maybe a button to get my wife to bring me coffee and breakfast in bed too? j/k :-)
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