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  1. @Rudy: keeping it locked up in its box under a hot tin roof probably isn't your safest bet! If it lives in a dry/cool place - it should survive.
  2. Thanks Will! I was looking at either 64D or 160T... Do you think the 160T would be fine for a few years? In it's own freezer of course :-) Hopefully my dozen 500T's for my current project (shooting in 6 months) will last in the freezer...
  3. As Fuji stocks are running thin - does anyone know how true this statement is? I'm thinking of getting more stock for a future project (perhaps 2-3 years from now). What's everyone's opinion on long term storage?
  4. @Greg: From what I understand, the SR1 & SR2 do indeed take the exact same LWS-3. I found out that the only way to add extensions to the LWS-3 is to find a somewhat 'rare' extension set, which isn’t a simple screw, but rather a plug and lock system. Apparently they are only 2 inches themselves... Will have to keep an eye on eBay, or consider using a different rod system.
  5. @Francisco: did you end up finding your answer? I'm looking at getting a LWS-3 and would like to know too!
  6. @Dom: Thanks again! I have never considered renting glass as I’ve always got my own 35mm collection (damn smaller gauges!) - the reason I don’t know rental practices. I might have to take you up on your offer before I go into production early next year :-)
  7. @Greg: Yep, thanks for that. I saw those posts - was hoping for a bit more info/footage to make a informed judgement call, but i guess it gives me something to think about.
  8. I've been checking out a PL mounted Cinema Products Ultra T 16/1.1 - seems real nice. The seller also says it doesn’t have the most modern coatings - what characteristics could I expect from one of these? I'd guess it would be low in contrast and not so flare resistant... But as I understand, these Ultra T's are supposed to be super sharp... Anyone had experience with such CP Ultra's?
  9. @Will: Thanks for the tip - I hadnt thought of the possibility of rental's shipping their gear! Will have to look some up!
  10. @Dom: Yep, demand can have some negative affects! As for c-mounts... I like vintage, but their pretty much out of the questions for my SR2 PL, aren’t they? For a reference of how much I like the vintage – I recently wrote a blog post about my vintage glass on digital camera's... I'm not sure about the the s16 glass going up much more with new camera technology. Most new camera technology, along with all the buzz, is 4k. I don’t really see many more 16mm digital sensors coming out which will create more buzz than the already Black Magic camera's... but in saying that, I'm sure ill be proven wrong! When the pocket rocket is released, i guess that will be the peak for 16mm lens prices. @Greg: Yes, there is a little confusion around about what a 'standard' lens is... I agree with Roger's explanation - the fact a lens doesn’t present any distortions. I also believe that there is also a subjective opinion that has to be taken into account here, as everyone sees the world a little differently with their own eyes. I haven’t used 16mm as much as other formats, so I'm not going to pretend I know everything – it's only relative for me at the minute. For 16mm glass, I guess somewhere between 16-25 will be my main focus. As for renting glass – not an option! I’m from Western Australia, which isn't really know for its film industry. The couple places which do rentals, have nothing I would like to test. The main place only has Zeiss UP & CP's, a few Sony's, a Red and a few other miscellaneous pieces...
  11. @Greg: I guess I’ll have to wait it out until the time is right then - I wouldn't mind a 25mm SS for $600! As for what a standard lens is for me - on 35mm it's a 50mm, so on 16mm it's 25mm. Although at the same time, I agree with you - if there's a focal length a little wider than a 25 (or even a little longer), I’d also consider it. But neither should encroach on the wide/long ends of the spectrum.
  12. @Dom: I thought I’d ask the seller of that 25/1.5 Schneider - he actually knew and said it won't fit. But it's good to know about the bevelling - at very least I can eliminate some lenses off my list that are obviously wider/deeper than the Schneider above. It's also a great help to know that all Arri Bayonet mounts should work! @Will: I'm actually only looking at getting one (a 'normal' lens) for the moment, as I’m playing with the idea of using one focal length for the whole project I’m currently working on. Not having to invest in a whole set of primes, obviously means I can pay a little more for my 'perfect' lens. I guess a couple thousand would be my limit at the moment - but at the same time, if I can find it for $500 like you mentioned above, then I would be happy! In terms of character, sharpness, etc... I'm into realistic drama's, and for me, that character you say might be appealing to some projects, probably applies to all my productions. What a smart trick - it's like having 100 prime lenses in one :-) But I’m yet to test the SR2/zoom combo - so who knows, when I do, it may surprise me! But at the same time, a faster prime could come in handy, plus it would weight a little less which can be a positive with handheld!
  13. @Dom: Thank you for that bunch of valuable information! It's a real shame those old Cooke Kinetal's & Schneider’s won't work - I was super keen on those two Schneider’s you mentioned... until now! Although you later said anything in Arri Bayonet mount should fit... Is this in relation to the 'later' Schneider's only, or all? If it's just later versions, do you have any idea of when/what year they started being compatible? In regards to the 35mm Schneider Cinegon, Cine-Xenon's, Zeiss Standard Speeds, Cooke Speed Panchros... they of course cover the s16 format, but it sounded like you said that if it's a 35mm format lens in a Arri mount, it should physically fit (via adapter of course) – is that right?
  14. @Greg: Super speeds... definitely a good option - I've never had the pleasure - they aren't super sharp are they? I like a bit of soft rawness :-) @Adrian: The Optar's, another lens i haven’t had my hands on! 9.5mm is probably a little wide for my taste too... but the 16 & 25mm seems interesting. They work on your SR3, does the same go for the SR2?
  15. @Will: My SR2 actually came with a similar lens to your zoom suggestion... a Zeiss 12-120 T2.4 (converted from 10-100 1.8). So I definitely don’t need to look for another zoom, but that was a bonus really. I'm a prime guy - this 12-120 will be my first zoom i own! I love what primes can do and I like the work flow and discipline of using them in production. You suggest old standard 16mm Zeiss or Schneiders - but I've heard there's issues with some of them - I'm not sure which ones will/wont physically fit/cover... This Schneider Arriflex 25mm Xenon for instance would be an ideal standard lens for me... But without access to actually try these lenses myself, I'm not sure if they'll be compatible. The Illumina's look interesting - i'll have to do a little research on them, although i am more comfortable with older Zeiss/Schneider.
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