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  1. Hello,

    Do you still have ARRI SR1 for sale ?

  2. Aspect ratio 1.33:1. Among its accessories: Zeiss Vario-Sonnar Zoom 10-100mm Three 400ft Magazines Viewfinder eyepiece extension Two Matte boxes, one round, one square with barndoor top and slides for filters Sound Barney 2x 12 Volt Batteries SR Battery to 4-pin XLR Adapter 12 Volt Battery Charger PSC Barrel: Adapter from 48PH to 12T Grip Handle for top of camera body SR Lightweight Support Rod Also have a heavy duty metal tripod capable of supporting its weight.
  3. Future video samples with close ups and other varying shots of people/models, even lighting up some locations, would provide useful examples of the potential detail quality of this camera. They'd be very helpful. So far, it looks like it could replicate the late 70s/entire 80s film look, and maybe some modern lighting aesthetics could produce dynamic results.
  4. Has there been a firmware hack or something developed to allow for such?
  5. Would anyone have a spare they're willing to sell? Or know of a seller/vendor? Thank you.
  6. Hi Karl, I have an ARRI SR 1 package, but it can easily be converted to Ultra16 without any lens re-centering, yielding an automatic 1.85:1 aspect ratio. So it matches the SR3's 1.66:1 with less work and machining needed, as well as no extra development and scanning cost at the labs. This package includes: -SR1 Body (great condition, unused) -Zeiss Zoom 10-100 F2.8 -Extension Eyepiece -Dual volt battery charger -2x ARRI SR Cine 60 12 Volt 3AH battery -3x ARRI SR 400 ft magazine -ARRI SR Backdoor cover/magazine cover -ARRI SR LWS-3 support rod base -Sound Barney -Rain Cover -Gitzo G-1504 Professional Tripod with O'Connor Model 50F head Let me know here or through PM!
  7. I would honestly prefer to have David Tatterstal back as DP. He did beautiful, stylish work and knows how to maintain the visual language of the series both in lighting and composure.
  8. Checked my local Barnes & Noble and on the asc site and there doesn't seem to be any coverage on the film. Am I missing something? Or what gives?
  9. Take my money. Very interested. I hope this is real. Looking forward to your demos.
  10. The movie was lame. Cheesy, no depth. Bleh. They should've just bit the bullet, and bought the rights to adapt Neon Genesis Evangelion which this film riffs off of.
  11. Wow. Yes, how did you get the footage so sharp for Super8? And what resolution did you scan it in at?
  12. Side by Side was a pretty superficial attempt to analyze the situation.
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