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  1. Hi all, I'm sorry I'm so late with my reply on this one.... Actualy, it depends on the zebra apt level. Bring this down to 1% and then scroll the zebra det level down. I think it's not popping in on 80% but at 75%. Scroll up one number (75-76%) and the zebra is gone. BUT.... Set the apt level on 2% and zebra one is there again. So it's a combination of apt level and det level. Th apt level is telling WHEN zebra is coming in (like a warning). I really don't know the true answer on this. this is indeed a very "old" discussion.... Regards, Etienne
  2. My thought also! But, if she's in the factory, does she looks like a zombie? How deep are the shadows going to be? What do you want to achieve in the factory? Deep black shadows with no detail at all? What is she doing in the factory? You know "The Machinist"? Etienne.
  3. Ouch!! this is a good one! Both are nice! In the first one I see a slight reflection on the forehead and on the hear..... - Could this be done with a china-ball, dimmed down under the candle-lights? I also noticed that the white's in the left fore-ground seem to be a little cooler than the overall look (just a little) so there is something above the women's heads? I also don't have a coral-feeling with this one....... The second one..... I think your right, but also a reflection on the right-hand site? Etienne
  4. Hi Megan, I never had the problem myself, but I've seen collegues confronted with it. I think it's a matter of "lots of hands" on the body and a lot of hands tend to flip it a little roughly........ I work very often with xd-cam, about 3 times a week. greetings Etienne.
  5. Hi Jeffrey, we read the topic at the same time, but you write faster. After I pressed "add reply" I saw your message...... I allready thought it was a little strange because of the zoom, but having no real experience with this problem I could only think in this direction. I'm sorry ;) Etienne.
  6. Could this be a lens flare problem?? This is a setting-page wich I think should only be touched by technicians. Very dangerous! Was the set checked before YOU started the project? Could you please keep us informed about this? Good Luck, Etienne.
  7. I have seen it before, but very few times. 3 times as I recall. It's not a common problem, so the tech. guys can fix it. Please do not try solving this yourself!! It's a fragile part of the cam, so I tend to flip it as little as possible. How old is the body? Etienne.
  8. Joe, I'm very sorry for the late reply, I had some holiday in a place without internet........ Hereby 2 links with some info. I was confronted with this stuff at BBP-Light in Amsterdam. I'm not going anywere for a while, so next reply will be much faster! greatings Etienne van Leeuwen Amsterdam www.absel.fr/lumisheet/Lumisheet_ENG.pdf http://www.fawoo.com/lighting/f_b_lumisheet_lamp.htm
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