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  1. Anyone notice that Luxim is creating some very interesting light bulbs, not available to general public yet. http://www.luxim.com/ Basically just microwaves the argon and sodium inside a closed bulb about the size of a tic tac, and a rather amazing amount of light is produced. It is supposed to double the efficiency of LED technology in some cases. And the CRI rating is around 90, so very high quality of light, and not much energy. I think they are daylight balanced by default, but surely we could just burn a different type of gas and produce 3200 some day soon? Jason
  2. Yeah, suppose it would be polite to leave a spot open. I may add some velcro to one side so I can make some room, transfer a few items outside the box.
  3. Like the shot with the trees turning colors while she is on the bike. Alot of cutaways to soap dispenser, towels, sink, etc, sort of boring things that take away from story. Jason
  4. Thought of something to add. There is a light measuring sensor built into the Iphone that helps dim the screen down or up for easy viewing, based on the amount of light. I wonder if there is a way to tap into it?
  5. A friend is currently working on a camera logging program, it still has a long way to go, but I'll let you all know when its finished
  6. I was just so excited to have a front box, I stuffed it full of everything. :lol:
  7. any of you driven off with the gas nozzle still in the tank?
  8. Decided on a more generic front box. If I built one again I would have made the front shallower, to make grabbing smaller items easier. next, I am going to build a rain cover with a bit of elastic edge that can snap over everything quickly. I envision it looking a bit like a type writer dust cover.
  9. Thank you for the info What do you think about syncing two bolexs?
  10. Thanks, that makes sense, but if I wanted a digital copy as well, may be more tricky.
  11. Thanks for the responses, yeah, there is a lens attachment that splits the frame into two parts, Does anyone know the work flow for such a setup? http://www.retrothing.com/2006/08/3d_bolex_16mm_m.html
  12. I am interested in shooting a 3d film on 16mm, any suggestions as to what cameras I should use or if you know of some titles that were shot on 16mm or 8mm and what technique was used. jason
  13. It would make sense to put the chips native balance somewhere in the middle between tungsten and daylight, thanks for the reply Jason
  14. what is the native preference of the HVX200, will the chip perform better with its native balance? Jason
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