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  1. I’m posting this in case any machinists are interested. If possible, I would like a B4 mount that can replace the M42 mount on a K3. No glass would be needed.
  2. Even if it’s a guess, could someone give the maximum lens weight that a single-mount Beaulieu R16 can hold without support?
  3. Will a viewfinder on a Konvas 1M work on a Konvas 2M?
  4. The FPS tachometer on my Arri 2C sits inside the camera a few millimeters from the edge. Is this normal? When I look at it through the magazine port, I can see light coming in (pictured below).
  5. I have a video door that has three connectors (pictures below). BNC is for video. I believe the four pin is for power. Does anyone know what the 12 pin connector is for?
  6. I recently bought an Arriflex 2C and noticed something was missing inside the door. I have three pictures below. Pic 1: This is from a YouTube video. There’s a part in the blue square that my camera doesn’t have. Pic 2: My camera. Pic 3: This is from a manual. There’s no part there, but a plate is screwed in there. Does anyone know what this part is and what it does and why it’s not in every Arri 2C?
  7. Below is a video of a video assist on an Arri 16S. I know that such a thing exists, but they seem to be harder to find than gold. If anyone can give me any hope of finding one, please do.
  8. Can anyone think of an ingenuous way to get a 2.35 frame into a Filmo viewfinder?
  9. Thank you, Tyler. I'm wondering if lossless color grading is overkill for a music video instead of color grading with Prores 422 or 4444.
  10. Would a music video look better if it was color graded with a lossless file rather than a lossy file?
  11. Is it possible for a 17EP motor to not be crystal sync? I shot footage for a music video and the sync is way off. The video is faster than the audio. The song is at 91 beats per minute while the video seems to be at about 96 beats per minute.
  12. Would 2k compressed to H.264 produce a better picture than 1080p compressed to H.264? Is 2K telecine only used for film prints and digital projectors?
  13. Also, how about the new Cooke Panchros compared to Zeiss Super Speeds?
  14. I have a Super Baltar, but I'm wondering if a Zeiss Super Speed would be higher quality.
  15. What is the highest quality cine lens for around $3,000?
  16. If I shot a sunlit background with daylight film and combined it with a person in front of a green screen using tungsten lights and tungsten film, would the combined pictures look funky compared to shooting the person with daylight film and HMI lights, or how about using tungsten lights and daylight film with a filter? I don't have HMI lights and would like to avoid buying them if there is not much difference.
  17. Would something like this make as good of picture as an HMI light?
  18. Why is there a huge price difference between HMI lights and bulbs that burn at 5200 Kelvin?
  19. I have a 20mm Super Baltar lens and would like to get all the elements cleaned. Does anyone know of someone that can do this?
  20. I've gotten it to stop jamming in the camera, but now it's jamming in the magazine. I'm using a motor. I can't fathom how it could work if the take-up pulley spins four times slower than the take-up spindle does. It just doesn't spin fast enough to take up the film.
  21. Wow! This was very helpful. Thank you so much Charlie. I was actually running it without the camera cover with exposed film to see how it worked. I didn't realize that the magazine had valves, so obviously the valves were shut. Do you have a "shepherd's hook" to open the light-tight valves on the mag when you load? I don't have a shepherd's hook, but thank you for the suggestion.
  22. I am using a magazine on an Eyemo for the first time and the film is jamming in the camera. It seems like the take-up magazine pulley isn't spinning fast enough. The take-up spindle inside the camera spins about four times for every one time that the take-up magazine pulley spins. It seems like they should spin at the same speed. I have a picture below of a little gadget that came with the camera. It looks like a pulley, but I have no clue where it could go. I also have a pic of the drive belt because I actually got it from an old projector and don't know if the drive belt is the problem. http://picasaweb.google.com/11744608443086...731901848585938 http://picasaweb.google.com/11744608443086...731909662620946
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