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  1. i myself have been an avid danny boyle fan since i first saw shallow grave in 2005 i had huge expectations when i walked in the cinema, however like most i was let down by the quality of the script and the weakness of the acting having said that there were some very nice shots the best thing about the film was undoubtly the soundtrack, if you havent already checked it out then do not hesistate to do so
  2. cheers for all the help and stuff nice to see theres help about! i shall purchase my hv20 asap then! thanks alot everyone
  3. hahah so a bit like the irish im only kidding :)
  4. dont let the mics put you off for not much you can always buy an external rode videomic iv heard good things ill be getting one with my hv20 hopefully
  5. okay, thanks alot for the links and as to the rolling shutter, hopefully it will not effect me overly much as i will most be doing slow panning and very little movement cheers for all the help and links so far
  6. Being 16, im pretty sure i have seen a very limited number of films but top of the head Sunshine Blade Runner Lolita Leon Rear Window Got my mum to thank for getting me into Hitchcock
  7. Good to see that there is moer to people than meets the eye. I'm 16 so im still at college here in the UK I drummed untill about 2 weeks when i was kicked out for not being commited enough Skateboard Smoke Drink Currently not single luckily Yeah thast about me summed up in what 6 lines? Woo
  8. Okay first post in the forum, so hello Okay so i have been lookign around at HD camcorders for a couple of months now and the HV20 has caught my eye. Not too expense, easy to use. So i was just wondering if anyone has any experiences with HV20s so i know what to expect, what to look out for if i purchase one. I want to use it mainly for short nature films Any help would be much appreciated as i am completely new to this whole thing. Tom
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