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  1. Hey Karim...the compression has killed the beauty of the grain......will happily send it out to anyone interested once I know what Im doing with it and I lock the final edit with the correct 'thank yous' etc etc.....H265 output is small files and good quality for example The edit and title cards DaVinci Resolve 16 (free version)...somebody tried to convince me to add fake film glitch on the text but i thought too gimmicky....some said text too sharp and again....I thought the compression will take the edge off anyway so not an issue
  2. Thanks for watching Dan...the first person haha.....em I don't know what to do with it.....local Government or local support groups for the cause are interested in it without seeing it yet........dont know whether they would want to water it down or change it so Im hesitant as I want to do it as I see it..... I simply did it as a personal statement.....i.e. bought the film, shot it, sent it to Cinelab London and paid all associated costs from my own pocket as like what they call a 'passion project'
  3. Thanks for all the comments...appreciate the positivity.....Watch the piece here Password: violence
  4. So its sort of ready......perhaps some of you would be kind enough to watch and see what you think....needs audio to be up......it's a piece against violence to women.....dont know what Im going to do with it yet....local Government interested in it but don't want to compromise or water it down.....local support groups as well.....
  5. I shot 16mm 100ft rolls of 50D, 250D and Double X, some rolls of these many months ago, kept it in the fridge...sent it to UK a few weeks ago to Cinelab London...went through 2 hand luggage X-rays in airports and the film came back great....
  6. Hey Tyler, yes this new footage is to go with the other footage I bored you all with last time.....the Governor's Residence Banquet hall was unavailable for filming as the roof had to be taken off for replacement so the whole thing was delayed for me for like 6 months......still, i insisted I had to film in there to elevate the final product as we can see Gibraltar Crystal product in use in Gibraltar's most famous (one of) buildings and tourists....especially Americans...love anything to do with British Royal family and all the rest of it...... oh and yes I know the candles went a bit wonky on the stills I attached earlier as I did my dolly track move up the 8m long table......I was shooting ONE 100ft roll of 250D in there and was at literally 1:1 ratio get it right and move on to next shot....the film discipline so to speak as I see it when there are no 'people' in there
  7. ...and now the 500T stock...yes I'm left-eyed and i go lop-sided a bit when I frame up hahah. I shoot Hasselblad film system for pro jobs and my horizon is em suspect at times!
  8. this shows the famous KEYS of Gibraltar....back then the fortress of the Rock was secured by 4 main gates!
  9. ...shot at the Governor of Gibraltar's residence inside the historic Banquet Hall with the table set up with Gibraltar Crystal (my client) crystalware.....obviously I was inspired in terms of the lighting I set up inside by Barry Lyndon (Kubrick) and I did a rack focus inspired by but nowhere near as cool as Hagen Bogdanski did in The Young Victoria....
  10. ...so this is the other project Im doing....some of it I've posted before but here is new stuff....I think its always useful to see footage stills to see the look and vibe of 16mm
  11. I particularly like the tones in this still.....as I said Im not even near being a cinematographer like the rest of you here but in my opinion digital just doesn't do B/W like film.....
  12. P.S. My Eastman Double X was scanned to 2K on an ARRISCAN full gate. My contact was the wonderful Sonji Clarke at Cinelab London.....
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