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  1. Thanks for the images Maxine. How does what you have done work. You have the original battery and what looks like a mount for another type on top....what have you done or what is the engineering part of what you have done that makes the battery work? I am ZERO electrical engineering-minded haha
  2. The original is trully special in terms of the exterior cinematography.....not so much the obvious shots in the interior sets.....the version on Netflix is supreme.....
  3. you all REALLY have to rewatch this film as per the version on Netflix....edge to edge 70mm greatness.....the quality/look of the lenses and film stock are spectacular to my eyes.....has that Sergio Leone sweaty face can see each pore close up kind vibe as well haha
  4. going to have to be something special to beat the original esp now we have the remastered version that looks incredible.....it will be hard to beat the original opening sequence......the aerial shot over New York and the feeling of expanse and solitude at the same time of the way they did the sound for it
  5. any updates @Jarin Blaschke on the filming/film...anything you can talk about? hope it went well.....
  6. so I said it back in December 2020 hahah.....won 2 Oscars after all....and a few nominations too......now perhaps you will all watch it haha
  7. looks like a Captain Scarlet or Thunderbirds character to me
  8. As a Hasselblad film photographer and an owner of a 16mm Aaton that I shoot at 4:3 ratio I found the framing of this film excellent.....anything with people in it looks better with this format in my opinion.....I found the bars on the side less annoying that the bars top and bottom that you get with very wide aspect ratios......I thought the texture of the film using 500T specially was superb and the cold high contrast vibe really cool......other than that it's not my kind of film at all......in contrast I watched the 1967 film Two For The Road with Albert Finney and Audrey Hepburn on Amazon P
  9. agree......film holds well and much more rugged than people think......
  10. it really IS night and day in this TV series.....I was quite surprised how much of a difference it made.....excellent series from start to finish regardless of film and digital use.....really enjoyed it.
  11. I would argue nobody has made digital BW look like e.g. Double X in movies that will fool people who know......but the general audiences who don't care.....certainly.....add some grain and a few scratches and there you go......Which is not to say serious attempts are not being made to emulate as best as possible by people who love film but are not allowed to shoot it.....
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