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  1. all very interesting thanks for the replies and information
  2. Watch this beautifully shot, vibrant clip....was wondering what it was shot on.....tech details if anyone knows? looks like 16mm kodak stock to me but what the hell do I know hahaha....looks fantastic!!!! a reviewer of the 'film' that's being sold said this... This new release of the legendary Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus is only a slight upgrade to the original DVD/CD released in 1995. There is no new footage or commentary beyond the extras provided on the original release. Even the David Dalton essays are repeated. Oddly, the photo gallery from the original DVD is missing from this edition. Because this show was recorded in 1968, there is only so much that modern technology can do to improve the sound and visual quality. The colors on the video are noticeably brighter and cleaner, and the audio is just a bit more cleaner.
  3. .....very kind of you all to explain things
  4. very kind of you all to explain things
  5. So I've seen it attached to both film and digital cameras and I know what it does but HOW is it used....is there anywhere online where someone does like a tutorial of how to use one? I assume the camera shows a screen with the readout to a focus puller that looks at that screen only? not the scene? or like both......does this person simply try and match the e.g. 4m on the camera to 4m on his handheld device that moves the lens focusing to 4m?
  6. Alejandro Paino in Spain sells me my film. If you're around here his email is: alex@tucontactocine.com Mobile: +34 629 781 118 I process and scan at Cinelab London. This is a very very useful post for me thanks a lot! Whats left to discuss is what they scan with.....I have Arriscans at 2K at Cinelab London....whats this ScanStation LaserGraphics like etc etc
  7. ..........what does 'work done at Cinelab or Kodak in London' mean??? specifically "work done'? thanks
  8. ....and this is why YOU will shoot film....cos it will make your work different no?....ya sabes hermano, dale caña al tema, echale cojones!!!!
  9. .....the point of posting footage is for people considering using the stock to see perhaps what they haven't already seen as a characteristic......a pay back for all the help I get in this forum myself......for example....for me the amazing dynamic range of the part where the master glassblower is dumping molten glass in the bucket and you can see the cat in the blazing sun walk past the door and there is still information
  10. Hi all thanks for the responses...spoke to Les Bosher and he confirmed no adapter is possible would have to convert the camera to a PL mount......cost is £500 (GBP) which Im sure is a good price for the wonderful job he would do......Ive heard great things about him and to be honest I love the fact we have old school doing things like this......recently sent my Hasselblad 201F to Ulf Kühn in Germany, a specialist for Hasselblad V system and scanners and I love guys like this are around
  11. Hey Carl can you explain how to read one of these characteristics curves.....explain how we extract information on them please.....that would be great......e.g. what density means in terms of how it affects image and make it as fool proof as possible? thanks
  12. Hi all...does anyone make an Arri PL to Aaton mount adapter? i.e. to enable PL lenses to be mounted on an Aaton XTR 16mm camera
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