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  1. What a great film......loved it.....recommended....great story, great cast, excellent cinematography on Kodak film......but Kodak TMax 400 wasn't around in the 60s hahaha......you will know what I mean when u see this.....in fact the second generation of T-Max 400 TMY-2 is from 2007.....
  2. thanks for posting....Kyle McDougall does some good film related youtube stuff.......hope you're well Karim
  3. can anyone speak of what this film's characteristics are? sample footage etc???
  4. very kind of you to take the time James....appreciate it
  5. the Mark Vargo tutorials are great I really enjoyed what he put out.....I wish he would put out more stuff
  6. I saw it in Spain (across the border, as Gibraltar cinema not open yet) in original version with Spanish subtitles so luckily when I could not hear what they said I read it hahaha.....I'm bilingual.....anyway......didn't have a clue what the hell was going on in the last part of the film when some people were going forwards and some backwards in the big 'episode' at the end......maybe the producers said...right Chris....you're one of the most respected directors in the world, everyone will go see your films, make it so that they have to watch it another 3 times so we get more money hahahahahahah....anyway Mr Nolan.....hero......keep doing your thing!
  7. I love it.......didnt have a clue who this james was and then found out its his wife
  8. I need to watch it another 5 times to 'get it' so I will go to another cinema hahahahaha
  9. Have a read.... Francis Ford Coppola Announces New Cut of 'The Godfather III' The director feels this version is “a more appropriate conclusion” to the iconic trilogy. https://hypebeast.com/2020/9/francis-ford-coppola-announces-new-cut-of-the-godfather-iii
  10. Saw it Friday in a cinema in spain projected digitally and I was disappointed at the fact I felt it was too dim....back in the day I remember we could communicate with the projectionist.......besides that I will enjoy watching it another 4 times before I make sense of it Haha great to be back in the cinema....
  11. cuéntanos hermano.....
  12. Date for the diary...Join the first #CookeOpticsTV Facebook watch party, today Friday 28th August 6.30pm BST on this Cooke Optics Facebook page. 10.30am Los Angeles 1.30pm New York, 7.30pm Paris, 8.30pm Moscow, 9.30pm Dubai, 11pm Mumbai. Will you be joining us? Please comment and share to spread the word. Featuring some facinating interviews with the #cinematographers who shot: Grand Budapest Production, The Joker, Game of Thrones, Black Panther, Arrival , The Irishman , Empire Strikes Back , Chernobyl and at Pixar. I'm just copy pasting in here!
  13. May I be so bold as to wish a good luck to forum's Jarin Blaschke who has resumed filming with director Robert Eggers on 'The Northman' after Covid-19 caused a 'months-long hiatus'..... Cast includes Nicole Kidman, Willen Dafoe, Bill Skarsgård, Ana Taylor-Joy and Björk! https://www.indiewire.com/2020/08/robert-eggers-northman-set-revealed-filming-starts-1234581421/
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