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  1. Thanks Phil...as we speak I'm running the piece through HANDBRAKE v.1.2.2 with a set of variables a high level 3D guy friend of mine has recommended I use....will post on how that resolves or doesn't my 'issue'. He told me to output from DaVinci Resolve at ProRes 422HD and then run through Handbrake outputting from there as a H265 see screenshot on next post
  2. ok here's the final edit for the client pending the text that needs to go in:
  3. Hey Phil yes I get you but in this case its fine and not an issue.....it just annoys me I don't see what i did when on internet land.....Ive since uploaded a HD version of the piece....as ProRes 422HD to see if it looks better
  4. yes Vimeo is no doubt the best......here's the footage...I'm traditional stills photographer not a cinematographer but that being said I know what I'm looking at.....I'm after my original 'acutance'....I shot 250D for the first part (Governor's Banquet Hall) and 500T inside the glass factory......I've bored everyone with this project before hahaha but here it is anyway as my final edit to show client....need to add the 'text' in the info sections....the raison d'ĂȘtre of this piece was to show on a TV screen at the factory when the glassblowers are not creating pieces.....and yes I know the candles went sideways as I dollied past the table....nothing I could do....I was shooting 1:1 ratio.....what I shot is what I have used.....and I was on a clock to finish and get out of there as this is a highly 'restricted' area.......if anyone is remotely interested in anything about the filming please ask....e.g. camera? Aaton XTR XC (the one where i don't even know how much film I've used up, no electronics whatsoever)...lens? Cooke Varokinetal 9-50mm T2.2 zoom on standard 16mm gate....lights? I used Arri tungstens 650plus, 300plus, Arri L7-C that I own.....with gels on some....I wanted surreal and colourful as opposed to the bright white light (6500k) they work under.....remember this is to attract attention a TV screen.....the music? well I wanted it all to look and sound like its a piece from the 70s
  5. Response from VIMEO: As you may know, bit rate controls the visual quality of your encoded videos. Higher bit rates lead to a higher quality reproduction, but they also lead to larger file sizes and therefore reduced streaming performance over the web. It's a tradeoff. The bit rate for each video we generate is variable, meaning it will change over the course of the video depending on the visual complexity of each frame (or series of frames). For example, visually complex portions of your video will be encoded at a high bit rate but a lower bit rate will be used when the visual complexity drops. This allows us to efficiently balance visual quality with playback performance. Though bit rate varies during our conversion process, they never exceed the maximum bit rate we set. We impose a maximum bit rate to ensure that our videos will be playable across a wide range of viewer Internet speeds. If we allowed bit rates to rise above our maximum, it would produce HD files that many viewers would not be able to view without excessive buffering. Most videos never hit the maximum rate, so there is no significant quality loss. It's only videos (or particular shots within videos) with extremely high levels of visual complexity that may suffer visibly. If you'd like, we can encode your video at an extra-high bit rate. This should preserve the grain of your 16mm footage. Please be aware that the resulting video will larger, so the playback may suffer for viewers with slower Internet connections. If you'd like to proceed, please send me a link to the video you'd like extra-high bitrate encoding for, and we will be able to move forward from there.
  6. thanks for the comments everyone...Ive also raised a ticket with Vimeo and see what they say themselves.....will share
  7. ......so I've completed a project (nearly) and uploaded to VIMEO to show client.......even though they are very happy and thrilled with result I am NOT happy with the way VIMEO tries to take out my grain....I shot on 16mm.....enough said.....any thoughts?
  8. all very interesting thanks for the replies and information
  9. Watch this beautifully shot, vibrant clip....was wondering what it was shot on.....tech details if anyone knows? looks like 16mm kodak stock to me but what the hell do I know hahaha....looks fantastic!!!! a reviewer of the 'film' that's being sold said this... This new release of the legendary Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus is only a slight upgrade to the original DVD/CD released in 1995. There is no new footage or commentary beyond the extras provided on the original release. Even the David Dalton essays are repeated. Oddly, the photo gallery from the original DVD is missing from this edition. Because this show was recorded in 1968, there is only so much that modern technology can do to improve the sound and visual quality. The colors on the video are noticeably brighter and cleaner, and the audio is just a bit more cleaner.
  10. .....very kind of you all to explain things
  11. very kind of you all to explain things
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