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  1. Canon 7D set for 1080p @ 24fps After batching the footage through Image Capture on the Mac, I imported it into Final Cut. The footage seems to play fine in Preview, but when it plays on the Timeline in FCP it lags and skips. I have restarted the program and the comp, and it still has the same issues around the transitions from one clip to the next, especially when manipulating the speed of a clip. I also tried exporting a self-contained QT movie to see if it was a ram issue, and it exported with the same lag issues. Anyone else having this issue? Any solutions? Thanks.
  2. Does this even matter? It is obvious there should be a proper lens in use to cover all of the super 16 frame. Any enlightenment on this issue would be appreciated. I'm expecting my Super K3 to arrive any day and I'm itching to know if there is going to be any vignetting from the stock lens. The camera lens was said to be re-centered. Or do I need to get another lens kit? I've read that the meteor lens it comes with is good down to about 20mm once the camera has been altered. Has anyone used a different set of lenses with the K3 after the Super modification?
  3. In reading about testing the f/f length it came to mind that adding a half inch deep adapter to the front of my Bolex and/or Super K3 in order to use my Canon lenses might throw off the focus of my viewfinder or my lens. I'm just getting in to shooting film and want to make sure all of my T's are dotted. Has anyone experienced any soft focus or other issues by adding an adapter or spacer to the front of their camera?
  4. Through the wonders of Ebay, I've just secured a K3 super 16. But I;d like to get some accessories for it. Any idea where to find just the pistol grip, lens hood, etc? Any word on a new crystal sync for the K3?
  5. Thank you Luke, I've seen and bookmarked that site, very informative. Where are you having your conversion done? And is it a K3 Ultra 16 conversion?
  6. Hey Kristian, What happened to the photo? I'd like to see what your K3 looks like and what kind of modifications you made.
  7. I'm interested int he K3 but want to go with Ultra 16mm. I've only seen posts having to do with Super 16 conversion. Is there a place I can research Ultra 16 for the K3? Also, does the Ultra 16 format require a different film or just standard 16mm film? Anyone heard of a crystal sync motor for the K3? And...when all is said and done, should I just keep my Bolex H16 Rex and put the money into it instead of the K3? Thanks.
  8. That was the trick, Glenn, well done! Thank you for an easy fix.
  9. Ok, my H16 Rex was a purchase of hobby. From Ebay, no doubt, and it came stripped and well used. I'd like to keep a 16mm for hobby and short-film making. However, I'm not completely sold on this Bolex now that I've held it in my hands. There are plenty of posts stating that Arri is the better choice. I'd welcome any feedback on that, and I'm sure there is plenty available through search. Reply if you are passionate either way. I'd rather not spend the $500-$1000 on a full tear down and rebuild of this Bolex camera if, indeed, it will cost that much. When I look through the viewfinder, the rectangle image I see is slightly askew or crooked. It is enough to cause concern. My question is this, How do I know if that is going to screw up every frame of film I run through the camera? Is it the viewfinder, the reflex mechanism, or the actual gate that is causing this? Again, I'm brainstorming here because I don't care to pay for shipping it to a proper repairman and then have it cost my son's tuition to repair it. And there are bound to be replies stating I should just get some film, run it through and see what happens. Anyone have some 16mm laying around that I could burn? I'm just trying not to make silly decisions from the get-go on this film hobby. Thanks for reading.
  10. Should I send my Bolex in for a clean-up and a test? Or should I just run some film through and see how it turns out? How do I know my new acquisition is in working order?
  11. I can't believe it was that simple! Thanks, Dave.
  12. I recently picked up this camera and am trying to decide what to with it. The turret is pretty loose and seems like it would spill in light. I've seen some turret locks on other Bolexs but have no idea where to get one. But the lock wouldn't stop the spill, if thats possible. Has anyone else shot on a Bolex with a loose turret? How did the footage turn out? btw, by "loose" I mean that it rocks slightly. If you were to handle the lens, you could rock the turret back and forth about 1/16". As an alternate route, I've also seen pictures of cameras with the turret replaced with a single lens mount. Where could I research this? And what are the benefits?
  13. Our short film production crew is looking for an upcoming DP who has gear and will work for demo. We will pay for film stock and processing...and, of course, food. Shooting in San Diego in January.
  14. Thanks for the advice... I'm in San Diego and we're launching a series of short films through the first half of 09. Sag Indie's.
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