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  1. Keith and Tom, Excellent advice about practicing with a basic video camera and a RAW DSLR.
  2. Cool videos Joseph. The Steadicam Tango is amazing with a 5D. I wonder if they will adopt it to fit a bare bones Epic? I noticed the weight limit was 6 pounds - with 29 pounds put on the operator at this weight.
  3. Did Arri leave out on board RAW recording capabilities on the lower end Alexa?
  4. You probably have seen this, but in case you have not; here's a video overview of the Alexa: http://vodpod.com/watch/3301853-arri-alexa...era-thefilmbook
  5. Neil Duffy

    HDR on RED

    Sorry, I didn't see the HDR discussion below. This thread probably belongs there. Best
  6. Neil Duffy

    HDR on RED

    On RedUser Red says they are implementing HDR in the Epic. My limited understanding of this, is that they will implement it in such a way as to create more realistic images. Any thoughts or experience with HDR? Thanks in advance.
  7. I agree with Tom, this rumor is highly unlikely. It would be cool, though.
  8. Thanks for your response. First, I should have put a question mark in the title. Sorry about that. It was too late to edit it. Someday I will upgrade my membership. As for the lenses, the discussion at Canonrumors.com is about the DSLR's. Not the current small lenses for prosumer video cameras. From my reading of the discussion, these could be high quality Full Frame Canon still lenses that Canon would modify for digital cinema - specifically for the Mark II 5D. (According to the same site, the 5D is due for a firmware upgrade that will add 24P and other cinema features). The Red Primes look amazing. Maybe Canon wants to compete in that market.
  9. CanonRumors.com has a discussion about Canon adapting some of their still lenses to accommodate the new HD video functionality on their DSLR's. Anybody hear anything about this? Will these lenses be FF and work on the 5D? Could we use these on the upcoming 6k Epic?
  10. Neil Duffy


    Good point. It took a while to find this forum when they changed it from being listed on the front page. I wish it would be listed more clearly in the Forums section.
  11. Neil Duffy


    Jim, Keep posting here. We are happy owners of two RED's. But I go here first to learn about opinions of RED. This site attracts some extremely knowledgeable people who share their experiences with RED. Sometimes, they get too critical. But, overall, I learn more here about RED than from any other site. Neil
  12. Any idea who makes these lenses? :unsure: The photos on Red User look promising. Are Jan's lenses the same ones?
  13. Jim, thanks for your very informative response. I confess, I have not seen footage from the latest builds. Also, I was confusing a mechanical shutter with a global shutter. I saw skew and jello images as an issue on earlier builds, and was curious if there was an easy solution to this. The easiest solution appears to be to make the sensor scan even faster. I think all cinema cameras are moving to the CMOS sensor. So a discussion of the different types and issues would be real welcome. By the way, is this the first time that Jim and Keith agree on an issue related to RED? Maybe Phil will join them. :lol:
  14. From what I have seen, there is skew with pans on the RED. It was discussed at the time of the Peter Jackson clip release. The cause of the skew was the way the rolling shutter captured the shot. It did not capture the whole shot at once. Rather it captured like a scan - from top to bottom. During a pan, this caused a sort of bending of the image - as the top part of the image was captured before the bottom part. This scan is the cause of the skew. Not necessarily the speed of the frame capture. A slow full frame capture would give a blurry image, not skew. Please correct me if I am wrong. But I have not seen this skew with the Canon cameras in photography mode (in video tap mode I have seen it). I believe the Canon and Nikon cameras, when they are in photography mode, are using mechanical shutter, and don't have skew. The image might be blurry if the capture is slow. But no skew. I am wondering if there is an inexpensive solution to this. A mechanical shutter, ala the Viper, might work. But, the chip would still have to all "on" when the shutter is open. And then reset its scan when the shutter is closed. That would have to be a very fast chip. :D
  15. Thanks Jim, Keith and Igor for the info. Keith, that was the most concise description of the differences between rolling and mechanical shutters in digital cameras I have read. I never understood it before. If you are mainly after skew, the Viper approach looks the most cost effective. But skew will probably be less on an issue with EPIC's as they advance.
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