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About Me

I was contacted by an IMDB user who claimed to be this person;


Who starred in these films;


As this character;


Who wanted to make a Star Wars fan film, but was afraid of getting sued by this company;


Where over the last several months I've spent a good chunk of change getting my skill up to speed (mostly learning post software like Final Cut Pro and so forth), I don't have the foggiest of how to go about shooting a Star Wars' fan film.

But hey, they could be anybody.

So I tried to get more information out of this person. I asked them what they were working on, if they had contact information (agent, agent's office, or some representation), and most of what I got was how they were being persecuted on their IMDB entry with foul comments of various sorts.

I suggested they work on industrials, commercials, maybe do some local theatre if they were trying to get back into the swing of things, but for some reason that was a no go, and I never got a response, or rather the Private Message exchanged skewed towards their fear of Disney.

I then told them that if they were serious, then to send me a treatment of what they had in mind at my old PO Box down in San Mateo. Nothing ever came. I then repeated the request. Again, nothing, except telling me how they were a busty blonde.

Uhhh, oookay.

It gets better. A few weeks back I was on a server (Age of Empires II via steam client), and when I was in one of the chat rooms someone called me by the fictitious production company that I made up for said IMDB user.

In short, I'm pissed off beyond belief.

So, I've stopped writing. I've made all but myself a persona non-gratas on this website as I tried to pela for help from any quarter. My net was hacked, phone was hacked, I was forced to sell the home I grew up in that my "mother" left me, and everytime I tried to get back into the local industry, I got something like what I just described.

And that's why, in spite of getting a lawyer and getting a clear view on what I can and cannot write and/or create, I refuse to pursue anything any further.



So last night I had this person;





... addressed me in a game chat room using the name of a fictitious production company that I made up in a private message to an actress on the IMDB.


I therefore refuse to do anything anymore. I will not pursue film, games, nor even writing.


My privacy as an American has been perpetually invaded by this third party, and I'm sick and goddamn tired of it.


Whether it's at a place of work, at school, or online, these people have proven they have no regards for American laws and my personal rights.

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