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  1. One lens gone - one lens still available! £8000GBP
  2. Hi there, I have for sale two Angenieux DP Optimo lenses (PL mount, 30-80mm, T2.8). These top of the range, lightweight zooms are in excellent optical and mechanical condition. They are paired for 3D shooting, but are also available individually for £8000GBP. Based in London, but can be shipped internationally in their Peli case. Get in touch with any questions or if you'd like to have a look at them at emilio dot film at gmail dot com All the best, Emilio
  3. Hello, I'm assisting for the first time on a Moviecam SL. I'd be grateful to hear about other assistants' experiences with this system, about any quirks I should look out for, or any general wisdom. Thanks in advance, Emilio
  4. Dear all, In stills photography, giving the negative extra development time increases contrast by extending the highlights, and less development time reduces contrast by bringing down the highlights. The shadows are much less affected in both cases. Do you find this to be true of modern film stocks, too? How much does forced processing really, visibly, affect the newest emulsions? And finally, what changes in the lighting do you make, if any, to compensate for the anticipated changes in contrast? Many thanks for your time, Emilio
  5. Hello, Having had my first few rolls of S16 negative telecined to Digibeta (at Soho, then iLab in London), I've begun to wonder how much of the image i got back was what I actually shot. How much do the colourists change, and how rigidly will they stick to the greyscale? A while back, I watched the colourist go through each shot of another person's film individually. Is this the norm, or does the machine usually just get set to one light at the beginning, and then gets left alone? Sorry if the question seems amateur, but everytime I send a film off I worry about how much of the colourist's mark will be left on the picture. Thanks for your time
  6. Hello, Some subtleties of flashing the negative in-camera have been eluding me, hope somebody can clarify things. Firstly, am I right in assuming that 'flashing coloured light' simply means combining a coloured filter with the Varicon, and that it would only affect the shadows? Would love to get an idea of what it looks like, before I try it myself. Secondly, I've heard people liken the effect of Ultracon filters to that of flashing. Is that really an accurate comparison? Many thanks in advance for your time and your wisdom. Emilio
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