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  1. I dont disagree with any of the selections, all masters of the craft.. Congrats on Mauro he definitely deserves it, even if his Cinematography was but 30% of Avatar.. thats how good he is.. My only thing is Where the Wild Things Are.. How is that not on the list? Its boggling my mind.. thoughts please..
  2. Congrats to all of the nominees indeed.. all of those films are wonderfully shot.. I must though inquire about 'Where the Wild Things Are', did the ASC just not feel that it was a good representation of "the most artful cinematography we have seen during the past year?" I dont wish to incite a debate, I am just curious about the thoughts of the ASC on the film, or if it was even eligible for consideration. Cheers
  3. Hello, I am looking to shoot a feature in Detroit and am wondering which Rental Houses one would recommend? Cheers!
  4. The entire Criterion Collection is in plan to be remastered in Blu-Ray.. here is what is available so far.. http://www.criterion.com/library/bluray and I believe all of the aforementioned movies are part of the Criterion Collection.. Enjoy, J
  5. i would go to the library and look for books on the psychology and physiology of color.. film books are great.. but you are getting into the human reaction to color.. and I would start at the source.. psychology books.. "cinematographers are visual psychologists" - Gordon Willis
  6. I am going to shoot a feature in NY and having never been there.. wanted to see what G&E rental house people like to use.. I found a list of 42 places on newyork411.com and I dont really want to leave it to chance to pick a good rental house.. or make 42 phone calls.. Hahaa.. Cheers!
  7. "you might want to take some advise from the old farts" - Robin R Probyn This was my intention with my first post.. though, yes, I could be called a "young gun," I am more than very aware of the power of the Studio and Director in decision making, which is the exact reason why I posted the question.. Thank you for the constructive input from the "old farts"... hahaa.. and how it is currently working in the big time. Being a "young gun" maybe I can be an agent for change in the process.. I put it in my contract as a starting point for negotiation and we'll see how it goes.. Thanks for the encouragement! Cheers!
  8. Well I must say you have misinterpreted my post completely Mr Boddington... and apparently this has become some sort of peeing contest... Have a great day..
  9. yes.. my "right"... the cinematographer not having the "right" to color correction is like saying the director does not have the "right" to the final edit.. things change.. the director and cinematographer both need be apart of those decisions.. together.. sure schedules and distance interfere along with budgets.. but a DP ALWAYS has the "right" to ensure the quality of the image to final print.. answer me this... when a scene is shot a certain way in which the DP and Director discussed and then in post the Director wants to add "red" but there is no DP to say "adding red will shift the feeling of that scene and will alter its support of the story because X, Y and Z.. what if we tried XYZ instead.." and you just add red... who wins the battle?
  10. Ok.. so I put in my contract the half day for any post work as a starting point for negotiation.. if they balk at it, it will at least give me a point to make my case.. if anything I can say it can cover my travel expenses.. and to not sound "entitled" i wrote my clause as this.. "Employee shall be consulted on any decisions regarding alterations to the images acquired during Principle Photography that occur during Post-Production and also be consulted on all image alterations to the final edit before its release for distribution." "consulted" should cover my bases of at least knowing how it will look before it goes out and have my say even if the director vetoes.. thanks guys I'll let you know how it goes.. Cheers!
  11. I am making a transition into bigger productions and am worried about losing my right to color the final image and want to put it in my contract at half day rate. What are peoples thoughts on this? Cheers
  12. Thank you, I will experiment with Shop fixtures on dimmers... I was under the impression that if fluorescent doesn't have exactly 110/20v they would shut down.. none the less I will give it a try and see.. and I will pick up a couple bad ballast fixtures too and compare the two.. Cheers!
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