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  1. looks good! What equipment did you use for this project?
  2. that would be a great idea. I could only imagine what he would say next.
  3. Yeah, he posted it in San Antonio. I usually check Austin and San Antonio's craiglist and when I did not see it posted in Austin I questioned it a little bit. I will keep looking. I read that the XL1S was a good camera to learn on with the manual control. Do you know of any other cameras that would be good to look into as far as learning in the same price range? I know that DV is not the future but its a start. I was interested in the HV20 but I read it lacks manual control. Now this may seem like a funny question, but aside from the obvious term "manual control" what is it really mean and is it important to have that feature on the camera I purchase. Is it too obvious that i'm new to this???
  4. thanks for the info. The red flag went up as soon as he said he was in the UK. I heard of people buying from other locations, I just wanted to see if anyone had that experience themself and the pros and cons of it.
  5. It is a Canon XL1S... I was thinking the same thing in regards to not being able to see it myself, as well as find some sort of "warranty" although most of these are sold "as is" I was thinking of paypal. How does paypal protect?
  6. I found a posting on a local craigslist for this camera and the guy wants $500 for it. I emailed him and he replied with... Hello, I received numerous emails regarding this camera and I don't have the time to answer all one by one so I thought that replying with one email for all of you will save me some time. First of all, you should know that my location now is United Kingdom. I had to come here with work. It uses NTSC system which is specific for US, here the cameras work using PAL system. The camera was used only a few times, it's just like new, in perfect condition. Please do not ask me to call you because if it were to call you all I should stay all day long at the phone. I'll pay for the shipping and I want to use a secure way to handle the transaction. Still interested? My question, is this a good deal? I replied back and said why are you selling this camera so cheap? He can sell it for almost double that. My concern is that I all I have is the $500 right now for the camera and it would be my first "prosumer" camera. Do this look suspect or should I give it a shot? If so what other questions could I ask to make sure this is a legit sale? Please reply!!! Thanks, Rick
  7. thanks for the info. what type of film should I look for with 16mm cameras?
  8. I just found this on a local craigslist listing... http://austin.craigslist.org/pho/687194630.html any feedback would be great. I'm new to film and would like to know if this is something to start with. Iwill post this in the newbie section if that's were this question belongs. Thanks, Rick
  9. looks good, although i'm no professional. what type of camera did you use?
  10. I wanted to know what type of lighting I should be looking into, right now I have a hi8 sony (yes, i know this is just point and shoot) but I want to get some understanding with some lighting until i get my super 8. Any suggestions?
  11. I wanted to know what type of lighting I should be looking into, right now I have a hi8 sony (yes, i know this is just point and shoot) but I want to get some understanding with some lighting until i get my super 8. Any suggestions?
  12. WOW!!! Thanks for all the information guys. This website is awsome. I will continue to research S8 and then make my decision. It is obvious that their are a great amount of different opinions when it comes to this topic. I will keep an eye on ebay for any "Steals". All have been great help and I will check all links and FAQ's. I believe this will continue to guide me in the right direction. Thank you.
  13. Thanks for all the info. I looked up some of the cameras and found some good deals on ebay, however, my intentions were not to film anything that I would submit to anyone, just trying to get an understanding, like Walter said: "Using real film as a foundation is about the best way to go." I also found this online as a respond to the editing equipment.... http://austin.craigslist.org/pho/679962712.html So would one of those two camera and this splicer be a good way to get some understanding? If not, I will consider purchasing something with "pro" speed.
  14. This is my first posting and question. I recently read an post in which someone said that using a super8 would be great for someone who is starting out. Well it has caught my interest and I have been looking into my options ($$$). I plan on getting a canon hv20, but I would like to understand film. Anyway, I found these cameras on a local craigslist post. Is this something that a newbie can work with, also if I test them out, what should I be looking for? I would appreciate all and any feedback. Thank you. http://sanantonio.craigslist.org/ele/669047831.html http://sanantonio.craigslist.org/ele/665300024.html Rick Garcia writersink362@gmail.com
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