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  1. Hi all What are experienced first AC's earning as commercial daily rates in the USA, Canada and Europe. An experienced 1st in South Africa is earning about R 2000.00 a day which buys you the equivelant of a Schneider 6 x 6 nd filter. Anyone worked in China or India on there local rates?
  2. Hi I am a South African 1st Ac who has shot in various African countries travelling out of South Africa. In My experience do the following. 1. Get a letter from the Ugandan consolate in your country stating what and where you are going to shoot. 2. Get you production company tro draw up a carnet... this helps with insurance and any confusion at arrivals and customs. 3. Be as friendly as possible and stay away from "bribes" ( Africans have a huge interest in film making and often will be greatful if you inform them as to what you are doing in their country. 4. Trea ;) t these people with respect, after all its their country. Regards Frank
  3. Hi Tell your Dop/operator to pull by eye or just get lucky with heeps of marks and rehersals Frank
  4. Hi Jason The first thing all good AC,s should learn is honesty and Trust. If Your operator has not noticed that you "missed your marks" then it is up to you to inform him/her of this. There might be sufficient depth of field that you may still hold focus or he /she will make the call if you have to reshoot the take. A laser pointer is great for quick reference and I mount mine onto the camera with a Monfroto mount which allows you to adjust the angle of the laser. The best way...often safest ...is to still pull tape or refer to your Depth of field charts. Remember bad focus cannot be corrected so get it right on your shoot day..... this may mean a little embarrasment but will save your butt later. Regards Frank (1st AC South Africa)
  5. Thanks John I am the AC from the particular job and DOP just phoned to question. Flagging wasn't done as flares were required. Any chance this can be caused by a damaged MB 14 6x 6 matt Box ? Shot in South Africa on Hot winters day. On 250 D stop ranges from 22 to 32 direct light. Thanks Frank Gardner
  6. Just completed 35mm Moviecam SL shoot.Ghosting occured when using Ang 25-250 HR with combination of 6 X 6 Gold SFX & ND.9. Shot on 250 D with heavy backlighting. Stop of 16 2\3. Anyone had similar experience?
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