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    1st Assistant Camera
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    ARRI: ARRI iii, 2C, 3C, BL4, 16BL, ARRICAM ST & LT, 435, 235, 535B, 416, SR2, SR3, ALEXA Classic, Plus & XT.
    Aaton: Xtera & XTRprod.
    Bolex: Super 16mm.
    Canon: 5D Mark iii & C300.
    Mitchell: 35mm High Speed.
    PhotoSonic: ActionMaster 500 16mm Format & 4B 35mm Format.
    Phantom: HD Gold, FLEX & 4K Flex.
    Red: Red One Mysterium X, Scarlet, Epic RedDragon, Dragon/Panavision.
    Sony: F3, F55Panavision ASX RAW
    Weisscam: HS-1
    Useful Remote Focus
    Preston FIZ 1 & 3, Cmotion coperate & cvolution, ARRI WCU-3, Scorpio, Bartech.

    Useful Camera Accessories
    Cine Tape, Spintec Rain Deflector, Spray Off Rain Deflector, Splash Bag.

    Angenieux: Optimo 24-290mm, Optimo 17-80mm, Optimo 15-40mm, Optimo 28-76mm, OptimoDP 30-80mm, HR25-250mm, 17-102mm, Optimo 25-250mm
    Carl Zeiss: Master Prime, Ultra Prime 35mm & 16mm, High Speed Prime, 16mm Format Prime, VP1, VP2, VP3, CP.2 Prime, Macro
    Cooke: S4 Prime, Mini S4 Prime, 18-100mm, 25-250mm
    Canon: EF Cine Prime, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 600mm, 150-600mm & 30-300mm
    Elite: 16mm & 35mm Format Prime
    Fujinon Alura: 18-80mm & 45-250mm
    Innovision: Probe 2
    Panavision: Vintage, Primo Prime, Primo Zoom 24-275mm, 135-420mm, Macro
    Vantage: HAWK Anomorphic

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  1. Simon Ng


    Hi Members, What is this for ? http://shop.plcelectronicsolutions.com/products/HU3-Data-Converter.html#
  2. Hi Neal, Any reason why ? Appreciate it if able to answer me reason. Thanks Best Simon
  3. I was thinking get a wireless FIZ system. ARRI: WCU-4 SXU-1 (for DIT station) ZMU-3A & WZE-3(for camera operator) UMC-4 or EMC-1&cforce(for Red Dragon) CLM-2 or 3 or 4 UDM-1 (for me) OR Preston: HU3 FIU (for DIT station) DMF2 & RMF (for camera operator) MDR3 (for RED & ALEXA) DM4X Cinetape (for me) Need advise please.........
  4. Simon Ng


    7"inch + Peaking + High Bright Awesome Focus Monitor with low budget. http://www.bon.co.kr/eng/products/models.html?model=bem072h
  5. What's a top brand of wireless video transmitter in our filming industry ?
  6. I thought now days 16mm already replace by Canon5Diii or 60D with Magic Lantern Raw file & HDR, Big sensor + shallow dof. or BlackMagic Cinema 4K :) Buy Resolve, free Camera :)
  7. Does anyone done monitor bracket for Arri WCU-4 ? Please attach Picture or link for sharing.
  8. Arri Alexa + 24-290mm + MB14 = i would like to used this: http://www.ospreypacks.com/en/product/addons/ul_raincover for raining scene !!! :)
  9. Hi Daniel Bailey May i know what's: COC & D.C.S ? Best Regards SImon Ng 1st A/C
  10. if you wanna good video assist, 1st you must have this, before you 35mm: http://www.arri.com/pro_camera_accessories_legacy/electronic_accessories/hd_ivs.html
  11. Dear all senior, Any comment of Bartech Digital & RT Motion Systems ?
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