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  1. Looking for used Ultra Prime 32mm (ideally non-LDS) for sale and shipping to the UK.
  2. If you're talking about DSLRs this is relation to the mirror-assembly which is a mechanical part that wears out with use because it physically moves the mirror out of the way with every use - so in that case it makes sense to want a camera with less exposures as it will be quite literally less worn. I've not seen any rating of stills cameras that relate to the sensor/imager having a particular useful life span (but I could just be ignorant!).
  3. Selling my trusted Alexa Plus with flight case and accessories, all in full working order however please note that this bundle does not include a viewfinder. Alexa Classic Plus 16:9 (4263h) with High speed licence and latest firmware BAB-V V-mount battery plate 2gb SD card CCH-1 central handle VMB-2 view finder mounting bracket KC-151-S EVF cable medium WA-1 wedge adapter VEB-1 view finder extension SP-3 shoulder pad BPA-1 bridge plate adapter LB-1 support block KC-154-SP-S 12V coiled accessory cable HEB-2 handle extension block BP-12 bridge plate ARRI dovetail plate 290mm 19mm support rods 600mm KC-20 power cable Custom flight case 2x SxS Pro SBP-64A 64gb card SxS reader USB3 Asking price £8,000 (ex VAT applicable to UK buyers or EU buyers that are not VAT registered). Camera in central London, collection preferred but shipping can be organised. Contact me for more details.
  4. Selling my Nikon F mount that fits Alexas (not Studio or Mini) manufactured by P+S Technik. Great condition with some minor cosmetic wear and tear from normal use. New mount is 800 EUR plus VAT. Asking £450 ex VAT & shipping.
  5. I'm using the F-mount made by P+S Technik, you can find it on their website. It's not massively difficult to change the mount, although not something to do in the field.
  6. Just to add that you don't have to use PL mount lenses with it, the lens mount is changeable (although not very quickly). I've got Nikon F-mount (in addition to the standard PL mount) that works great for me.
  7. You can check if de-squeeze licence is installed under Menu -> System -> Firmware -> Licensed features. The licence key is EUR 650.
  8. No, England and Scotland are both countries located on the island of Great Britain (along with Wales) who form part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK for short). Read all about it at Wikipedia.
  9. If the camera doesn't have built-in motor controller (like Alexa Plus, Alexa Mini), you have to put one of ARRI's universal motor controllers on the camera - same as the motor driver required with Preston.
  10. It is going to be quite difficult to get a shot where the pupil fills the entire frame on a S35 sensor width-wise, a macro lens will generally go to 1:1 (i.e. life size) or less. 1:1 is only going to give you the eye filling the frame so beyond that you have a few options, including optical enlargement via diopters and doubler and/or shooting on a high density sensor like 6k/8k and cropping in (in which case you can also add a zoom). As a reference point I used a doubler on a 1:1 macro lens to get iris to fill S35 16:9 sensor height-wise. Don't forget though that a macro lens at 1:1 close focus will have quite a high minimum T-stop (and focal plane will be very very shallow) and addition of diopters and doublers will really bring up the necessary light level. Another consideration is that it is quite difficult to get the eye to be still enough to work at such an extreme magnification (and the camera of course needs to be on rock solid support). The macro lens will shift T-stop as you move out of the close focus range, so you will need to compensate for that. All in all, I would've thought that the first part from pupil to at least 1:1 would probably be easier to achieve in VFX than optically.. I'd recommend some serious testing before attempting this
  11. The VMB-2 is the mounting bracket from the Alexa EV, the VMB-3 is the updated version from the XT onwards (also fits the EV). However are you sure the mounting bracket is not hiding somewhere in a case and/or with the people who are lending you the camera? It normally lives on the camera body. It seems silly to buy a new bracket for a camera that is not yours due to the cost. I guess you could clamp the rod of viewfinder extension you have with a Nano clamp arm from the central handle, but that's going to be quite awkward/difficult to use if you were thinking of shoulder mounting.
  12. Was interested too, so did some digging. It's Super 35 according to DP Diego Romero's CV.
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