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  1. A brand new Preston Hand Unit 3 brand new in the factory box. Never used. Comes with everything that Preston sends you. Unit comes with: A-E pre-printed focus marking rings Blank white focus marking ring 2x FM-50 Batteries FM-50 Battery JJ Charger Depending on where you are in the world, this is close to $1,000 off for Californians. Feel free to ask any questions. Located in Los Angeles, CA. Price: $7,199 USD
  2. The Hand Unit and MDR were just serviced at Preston. HU3 has a brand new Focus Knob and completely checked out. Everything is up to date G4 Blue Dot. This is a great deal for anyone especially those who don’t need a micro force. Hand Unit 3 Just returned from Preston. New focus knob Rubber grip and blank MDR2 G4 Blue Dot +M 2x DM2 motors 6x HU3 Rings. Ai-Ei and a blank 2x Preston Motor brackets long 2x Preston
  3. Just incase some is looking for one. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Teradek-Cube-HD-H-264-System-Transmitter-and-Reciever-WiFi/123737055683
  4. Teradek Bolt Pro 1x Bolt Pro TX-SDI 1x Bolt Pro RX-SDI 1x DTap to Lemo power cable 1x Lemo AC power adapter (Multiple connections for Foreign countries.) 1x HD-SDI Coiled bnc cable Teradek TX carry pouch Multiple mounting hardware (See picture) I bought this a while ago and have never used it. I’m upgrading and no longer need it. As you can see from the pictures, it’s in extremely good condition. Located in LA. $1000
  5. Complete Preston II system for sale. Must see. HU II with rubber handgrip. It was recently serviced by Preston and has a brand new Iris slider potentiometer. Omnishot systems adapter to use NP style batteries on the HU. 2x Omnishot batteries. (Larger 3200wAh) 9x HU focus rings Op/tech USA neck strap for HU MicroForce zoom control with HU to MicroForce bracket MDR II (Can be easily upgraded to G4 Blue dot to be used with an HU3) 3x Preston DM1 digital motors (two with the ticker more expensive gear and one with the standard size) 2x Preston motor brackets (diffe
  6. Thank you Dom. I know Preston swapped those knobs for plain, no-dial knobs long ago. The pot on my microforce still work so it's not a big deal. Cheers.
  7. Hi all, Do any of you have experience with the older Microforce v+f? Mine has the old style knobpot from bourns with the "clockface readout". The arms on the dial stopped working. Have you ever been able to fix one of these yourself? Thanks, Andre
  8. Kenyon Gyro KS-6 with inverter and 2 cables in excellent condition. Make me an offer.
  9. Transvideo Titan Standard Definition 4 channel Transmitter and Receiver Set. B&H still sells this package without cables for $2,659.95. Included: Transmitter Receiver 1-AC adapter to 2 pin Lemo 1-D tap to 2 pin Lemo power cable 1-12v 4 pin XLR to 2 pin Lemo 1-Pelican case for everything listed Digital copy of the operating instructions Asking $495 OBO Located in LA
  10. I’m selling this Preston with a single motor but the MDR1 is a three motor driver. Here's what you're getting: 1x HU1 1x Wireless Transmitter 4x Focus Rings 1x MDR1 (3 channel Focus, Iris, Zoom) 1x DM1 motors 1x motor brackets 1x Fast Chargers with power cables 5x Preston batteries Cables 1x Motor Cables right angle to straight 1x Aaton MDR power cables 1x 24V power cable MDR to 3 pin XLR 4462 Run/Stop Cables 1x Red One Digital MDR Camera Run cables straight to right angle 1x Arri and movieCam 3 pin RS MDR Camera Run cable 1x Arri 11 pin Fischer MDR Camera Run cable Arri
  11. There has been a huge interest since posting this package deal. Most of the questions are; does everything work and why are you selling all of this for so cheap? Yes, everything works as described. After piecing together my own system, this is what I had left over. I’ve had a lot of interest in selling them as two separate units. Next week I’m going to restructure and divide everything into two separate systems. In the meantime, make me a reasonable offer for everything. Stay tuned.
  12. This is a great deal! Here's what you’re getting: 2x HU1 (One is a later version with the zoom bargraph and ZS ZR switch) 2x Wireless Transmitter 8x Focus Rings 2x MDR1 (3 channel Focus, Iris, Zoom) 1x MDR1 15mm iris rod bracket mount 2x DM1 motors 2x motor brackets 2x Fast Chargers with power cables (One of the chargers needs a pin repaired. One of the chargers does not work.) 7x Preston batteries Cables 2x Motor Cables right angle to straight 1x Aaton MDR power cables 1x 12V power cable MDR to 4 pin XLR 4461 1x 24V power cable MDR to 3 pin XLR 4462 Run/Stop
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