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  1. Hi All, I need to do a shoot featuring the electronic billboards in Times Square, and doing a test with a 5D noticed tons of moire. Budget is low but could afford an EX-3 but wanting to confirm that I should encounter less moire with an EX. Thanks, Barry
  2. Hi All, I am prepping a budget for a two-day S3D shoot in the NYC area and am looking for an excellent stereographer. A stereographer able to supply a turnkey solution for rig/camera would be even better but I'm not sure that exists yet in NYC. Shoot would be late October/early November. Any recommendations appreciated. Thanks, Barry
  3. I've shot greenscreen with a variety of HD cameras and the thing to remember is that (as I've been told by compositors again and again) most of getting good keys from greenscreen is lighting it properly. I've used an EX-1, a smaller camera, on a complicated greenscreen and the DP know what he was doing and got great keys.
  4. I did end up shooting with the 2/3 adapter and lens and got some nice images. I would do it again - we used a Fuji zoom that was nice - anyone have an opinion as to what's the best 2/3 lenses out there?
  5. Not surprisingly your relationship with the camera house will have a lot to do with your price, as well as the state of the local market. $6500/day is a good benchmark although if you're working a lot with Panavision they'll have an interest in helping you out to an extent - although again if the camera is in high demand at the time of your project, there'll be less of an incentive. Expect 2009 to be a buyer's market all around, fortunately or unfortunately.
  6. Hi All, I'm prepping a shoot and considering using the EX-3 with the 2/3" lens adapter and was wondering if anyone has had any experiences with that setup, and if they encountered any bugs or had any comments. I've used the EX-1 which was perfectly fine - would like to see how it does with the better glass that the adapter would allow. Thanks in advance, Barry
  7. Wondering if anyone has any experience using anamorphic lenses on the RED - in particular Hawk V or C series lenses. Thanks!
  8. Don't buy too much. Rent what else you need when you have a solid project and know exactly what you'll need.
  9. That's very interesting, thank you. I think the Genesis is probably overkill for my project - I've been interested in working with the F23 so maybe this will be my opportunity. Does anyone have any experience/comments on that camera? I know it was used for the exteriors on Cloverfield. Tx, BG
  10. I'm an LP putting together a commercial shoot in NYC and the creative team's ideal camera would shoot native 1920 x 1080, 4:4:4, and record to tape. Shooting against greenscreen. Hard to keep track of all the new cameras, does such a model exist? Thanks
  11. I'm an LP in NYC putting together a Nike spec spot. Project is being directed by an Emmy-nominated VFX supervisor and will have a good deal of high-end post work applied to it. Looking to rent a RED for a one-day shoot, rate is negotiable. Please contact me to discuss at bigboy@seducedandexploited.com Thanks, Barry
  12. Other than working your network/grapevine for recommendations you can start by posting an ad on Mandy.com www.mandy.com I'm a line producer and PM in NYC, feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you have questions. Barry
  13. Need DP with food/beverage tabletop experience for one day shoot next week. Shoot entails soda being poured, consumed, etc. at a table in a family restaurant. Please forward resume/relevant reel links/day rate to: bigboy@seducedandexploited.com Thank you.
  14. Hi David, I actually wasn't sure which would be the best forum category - looking to budget at 300K. Since there's nothing to go on for distribution at this point i'm doing one budget to anticipate a television pick-up in which case I;d be much less concerned about the camera as to my mind most any HD prosumer will look all right on a monitor finish but they don't all hold up when being blown up and projected. Thanks, BG
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