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  1. A good power inverter would get it, It runs off the 12v lighter outlets in the car.
  2. you could also look in to http://www.meggaflash.com/
  3. Hey Stephen, The first shot, is it from a short called "5th Street" shot in Dublin ??? If so i met the guys in LA at a festival last summer, also caught the screening of the short nice work.
  4. As I'm not a sound guy I can only offer what i know, the Shure SM58 is a vocal mic used for live music, I'm not sure if this is the type of mic you're looking for if trying to record dialogue. Another thing to look for with a mic is its pick up pattern, weather its directional or omni-directional, there are many different types of mics for different situations. Any mic you look at in you're price range will be about the same quality its what you want to do with the mic that matters, shotguns are very directional and good for dialogue usually. As for the minidisk player as long as you are recording to PCM audio, you're keeping the sound "uncompressed". Brett
  5. When sending footage for transfer you would want to shoot a rack leader, this shows the telecine operator what your framing is. So if you shoot 16x9 you could get either a HD transfer or anamorphic SD, these would be the highest resolution options but doesn't allow for re-framing in post. Below is a rack leader from the last short I shot. It is as easy as shooting a 16x9 frame on the wall that lines up with the lines on the GG of the camera.
  6. typo on the email : brett@83pictures.com Thanks Brett
  7. Hi my name is Brett Blackwell I am shooting and directing a low budget short. I am in need of a 1st/only camera assistant to load and pull focus. The job is paying but not rate, the shoot is Monday January 12th in the evening from 7pm-4-5am. Will be shooting on a 535 or BL4 Evolution. please contact me at brett@83pictues.com Thanks
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