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  1. in this thread santo recommends using 675 hearing aid batteries. although he says they're 1.2v, i've only seen them listed as 1.4v. what would the effect be of using a 1.4v battery instead of 1.3?
  2. i think this is right (please! correct me if i'm wrong): i'm pretty sure the canon 814AZ has a through the lens light meter so you probably don't need to know the shutter angle for metering through the lens (because the meter already knows the angle). but suppose you are using an external meter... the canon has a shutter angle of 155 degrees (according to super8wiki and the canon museum page) so: (1/speed in fps) X (angle of shutter opening/360) = Exposure time (1/24) x (155/360) = 0.0179398148 ... which is pretty close to 1 / 56 = 0.0178571429 so for the 814 i guess we can say the exposure time is right around 1/56. my question is, can we just do some easy rounding to 1/50th for light meters (like the common sekonic l-398) that don't have that exposure time? xo
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