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  1. Hello folks, I film a lot of kayaking and other water related videos, filmed mostly in rain or in splashing water. Therefore I am using Ewa-Marine underwater housing. The problem is, that the front glass gets rain drops or ocean water on it almost all the time. I have tried to wipe it with wiper blade, eraser, dry it with cloth. But all I achieve is water being smudged or always visible in the footage. Is there any simple trick, how to perfectly dry or wipe this front glass? Like some special cloth, or..whatever, Thanks for any tips
  2. Thank you guys so much for your tips. I really appreciate your help. Underwater video is completely new to me, but it is so exciting, so it is worth the extra pain. Thanks again, Cheers, Paul
  3. Hello guys, I am wondering how is the best way to focus in underwater video? Autofocus? Or zoom all the way out and set focus at for example 0.5 m? I am using Ewa-Marine housing, which is OK housing,but it is very hard to control manual focus and manual exposure during actual shooting. So the best way is to preset everything or use auto functions. Aperture priority usually works fine for exposure, but what would be the best way to achieve good focus? Thank you so much for any suggestions or tips.
  4. Janos Belik

    Music Library

    Hello folks, I am wondering if someone could recommend some Music Library where I could buy a music for my video project. I am looking for this same style of music, just more affordable: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1yTBWroCjM Thank you for any tips or suggestions. Cheers, Paul
  5. Thank you guys for all your responses. So it looks like there is no trick to those shots. Cheers, Paul
  6. Hello folks, could you please tell me, how this is done? Please check this video: http://vimeo.com/1492266 What I am trying to find out is, how those smooth camera moves are achieved. Some shots are probably from the plane, fair enough. But what about the forest shot at 00:27 or the lighthouse shot at 00:09? It does not look like steadycam, it does not look like jib, it certainly is not on dolly. So how is this done? Camera moves smoothly above the ground, like it would be flying.
  7. Hi Brian, thank you for your response. I am not sure what the problem is, but I have thought that back focus is usually an issue with film cameras, not video cameras. Also, my camera was serviced by Canon lately, so I would assume that they have checked this. But anyway, I will check this possibility out. Thanks again for your response. Paul
  8. Hello folks, I am having problem to achieve a good focus when I am shooting in motion (someone walking for example) Let's say that I am filming a hiker. He is hiking in front of me and I am following him, trying to maintain the same distance to maintain a focus. But I just can't achieve a good focus for entire shot. The focusing rule: zoom in, focus, zoom out to desired framing just doesn't work, even if I use fast shutter and wide angle lens. If I use auto focus, the result is even worse. (As camera and subject moves, camera is confused and shifting focus all over the place.) Is there any trick, how to do this? The same problem is with filming birds in flight. Auto focus does not work, and I am not quick enough to keep focus with fast flying bird manually. But how do cinematographers do this? Is the secret only in their quickness? Or is there any other technique Thank you so much, Paul
  9. Thank you guys for your responses. Alfred, thanks for the link to your clip. So can you do the same effect with video clip instead of still image?
  10. Hello folks, What I have recently found makes me really jealous. Could you please check the following link a tell me, how this is done? Notice the shot starting at 1:12. Camera is moving forward, right above the ground, so you feel like you are flying. It cannot be on dolly, because the shot is so long that the dolly track would be visible. I don't believe, that the guy would bring a crane, jib or something like that on this location. But how? http://www.vimeo.com/924678 Thank you for any response.
  11. Hello Tom, Your shots are just magical. So I just can't help myself to ask you this question. How could you achieve time lapse and camera move at the same time. Is it really done just by moving camera so slowly, that when shooting is done, you just simply speed it up? Or is there any other technique, trick, animation, etc involved? Keep filming, this is really beautiful stuff. Cheers, Paul
  12. Hello guys, thank you all so much for your inputs. Will, thanks a lot for your explanation and for the link. Cheers
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