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  1. Just recut my reel, this is a good reflection of what I did during 2014 with a few clips from some older projects. Let me know what you think. Thanks! https://vimeo.com/116426560
  2. I am going to be shooting a project in the near future that will require a lot of interviews both interior and exterior. Before undergoing this project I plan on watching a lot of interviews. What is some of the best looking interview footage you have seen? Thanks Drew
  3. Try playing around with a 4x8 shiny board, try lighting up the shiny board but having it bounce the light in a different direction than your actor, you might need to back it off a bit. Also think about the angle of incidence/reflectance for where to put the shiny board. You might also try having the actor to put in eye drops.
  4. I am in my third year of film school at Rochester Institute of Technology and this fall I took a great class called "Alternative Frame by Frame" we had an assignment every week and it was something different but it usually built upon the previous weeks assignment. Week 1 we had to make a pixallation Week 2 a timelapse Week 3 a timelapse with an actor (it was suggested that it was ourself) moving at regular speed Week 4 pixallation animated to music Week 5 animating 2d and 3d elements together Week 6 was a cutout animation Week 7 was a cutout animation on a greenscreen Week 8 was com
  5. I would shoot some tests of your street at night and plan on figuring out how to light it. I was recently asked to do the same (a night street on an hvx200 with a redrock) and while we could get an image, there was not enough to get the look we wanted with just the existing street lights. We ended up changed our shots to be tighter and having the action directly under a street light which we faked with a 575 hmi.
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