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  1. 2 DP commentaries I can think of were Blade and The Score. Was so long ago, can't remember how good they may have been but theres always something good out of a DP commentary.
  2. 2 DP commentaries I can think of were Blade and The Score. Was so long ago, can't remember how good they may have been but theres always something good out of a DP commentary.
  3. This trick definitely works. Instead of finding a mirror if you can't find one that fits, aluminum foil also works. Just line the bottom of the pool with aluminum foil before adding the water. Point a fixture right at it bouncing in the direction you want the reflections to cast. Then get a fan and point it into the pool to create the ripple effect. Of course also consider the contrast ratio on the wall you're projecting the ripple reflection on to in order to keep them visible. In regards to size of reflection on the wall the further the pool the larger the size of reflection, so you can play with distance as opposed to size of pool. You don't need a very big pool to get a big reflection. I've actually seen this been done with a large baking sheet with just an inch or so of water in it instead of a kiddie pool and the reflection was really wide.
  4. Getting rid of some 4x4 filters. I have a 4x5.6 Mattebox/filters and haven’t used these in almost 2 years so might as well give them a new home. Pristine condition. 40% off list price. 3x Schneider Classic Soft 4x4 (1/4, 1/2 & 2) $120 each or all 3 for $320 (normally $200 each) Great for softening and creating a more filmic image when shooting digital especially DSLR. 1x Century Optics 4x4 Linear Polarizer $60 (Normally $100) 1x Hoya 82mm screw on Circular Polarizer $60 (normally $100) Available for pick up in the Greater Toronto Area or pay for shipping costs. Email me directly for faster response: nadeemsoumah@gmail.com
  5. I have an L-608 cine. is this basically identical to the 758 cine in terms of feature sets? I see the 608 cine doesn't seem to be available for sale anymore so i guess was replace by the 758?
  6. I find the eye drops idea pretty great actually. Definitely makes sense. And also the silver bounce reflecting light elsewhere definitely sounds good. Thanks.
  7. Hi Chris, thats because he will be leaning into an overhead light in a latter part of the shot, starting in silhouette, so we'll need to have him in it. Also because though it is a silhouette we'll still see the outline/shape of his head which is "different" in this case. The prosthetics are part of the character, not for lighting sake. I"ll definitely play with the kino's Mikey. Hopefully I can get close. Thanks guys.
  8. Thats hilarious David, yet a great idea. Unfortunately my character is going to be wearing prosthetics so that would definitely not be an option. Thanks Mikey. I've done that as well but it still doesn't yield the results that the director is looking for. What happens is that I need to diffuse my "eyelight light" so much in order to reduce spill that when its at the level I need it to be, even when exposing for a brighter background, there then not enough intensity in the reflection in the eyes. I think that I'm just going to, unfortunately in this case have to resort to "fix it in post." Basically what I'll do is get the amount of glint in they eyes that I need, keeping a high ratio between the background and the subject, thus leaving room for the colorists to darken the image to correctly expose the background, putting a mask around the eye section. This should bring the subject back into silhouette and maintain the eyelight. Hopefully. I'm still 2 weeks away from the shoot so if anyone has more ideas, I'm all ears as I would really LOVE to pull this off practically.
  9. Thanks so much. My options are basically between the Goya and a 1200 HMI PAR, so no 4K like requested. Shooting on RED MX and really concerned about exposure here. I don't think the 1.2 will cut it and apparently not the 4k Goya. I'll still take the Goya regardless as it seems it may be fun to work with and create some really cool stuff considering the black reflector. Do you think the 1200HMI par will provide more punch from a far distance than the GOya will however?
  10. Would a Goya 4k HMI have the same britness as a standard 4k HMI? I was looking for a 4k HMI par to use as a backlight on a night street scenes (very wide shot) and the production company is offering me a 4k goya as an option. Will this give me the same as a 4k HMI par or even fresnel? Also is this light suitable to use as a backlight for a night street scene? Thanks.
  11. Hi guys, new to the boards and just wanted to start by saying that as I go through the forums this site is a wonderful resource. My situation. I need to light a scene where the actor (in a closeup) is completely silhouetted (zero incedent light on him) and i want VERY strong specular eyelights. I've done a little testing and can't acheive the results I'm truly aiming for though i'm close. I've already looked through the boards and have seen some suggestions but nothing truly relating to this more extreme scenario. Here are two reference pics. However the difference with my setup is that I want the actor to have the same eyelight as he does in pic 2, but have it in the same setup as in pic 1. I can tell that he leans into frame and the eyelight seems then created by the overhead light but wish i could still have it when he's in TOTAL silhouette. What I've tested: -maglite with top screwed off taped on mattebox (eyelight too weak) -big softbox really far back and dimmed down (still get incedent light on subject) -litepanel right above camera (still get incedent light) Any ideas as to what I can test next before my shoot? I'm two weeks away. Not that it really matters much for this but incase it helps, shooting on Red with 3 ton grip truck. Thanks
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