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  1. I just got back from the salvation army with a super 8 camera for 10 bucks. It said it was "sold as is" but I bought it because one....the lens doesn't have any scratches, two..it has a Kodachrome cartridge in it already and three, when I pressed the button on it it started running the motor like it was filming. So now I have questions about it.... I'm very new to super 8 by the way... How do I know when the film has been used up all the way? It came with a kodachrome cart in it and when i press the button it runs the motor like its filming but how do i know when the film runs out? will the motor still run? what tells me its done with the film in it? Can i develop film somewhere local or do i have to send it out to one of the places i heard about that are the last of the super 8 developers? When filming on Super 8....can you exchange cartridges from one camera to another or is it once you put the film in one camera you have to keep it in there till its used up? Also...i wish i knew about the quality of this camera...it says it's a Keystone K-612 auto instant zoom. i think its one of the 1960's cameras. I've heard these aren't very good for filming on? Nothing professional at least...but how "bad" or "good" is it really to film on cheap ones like this? was this a waste of money for 10 bucks or is it usable? thanks in advance for the advice.
  2. That's a really awesome looking music video...I like the way the color of the green chairs on the train come out on film. The video reminds me of riding the train from Michigan to Chicago to see the girl that I'm in love with ha ha.
  3. I wrote the guy that put the clips together and he says ALL of it is super 8! I was most impressed by the vegas strip footage at night, i'm def stickin with super 8 now after seeing footage like that...it inspires me:)
  4. Ah I didn't watch it all the way through the first time and I realized theres a bunch of familiar clips of music videos or something in there so its definately probley not super 8 and just a complation of random clips...but i was blown away by the first part in Vegas...thats the kind of look im trying to get outa film!:)
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZo7IusGkmg Would someone please school me on what kind of film this is probley filmed on! I have been die hard about getting into super 8 because I love REAL film, and its cheaper than the rest but still so cool....I am against digital just because i love the real film look and don't want to see it fade out any more than it already has been in pop culture. But I recently found out about this camera, the Panasonic DVX100 and I now have total respect for the quality of digital but still love film more. So....I'm like...I want to film on super 8 so bad and keep it alive! but after seeing the panasonic digital camera i was thinking how much easier and how much money i could be saving...... and thought that most of the youtube super 8 films I see are only so good in quality. Some are brillant tho and thats what drives me to do it. but i found this movie with super 8 in its title and flipped out because this looks too good to be super 8 film! is it?!! let me know what you think or know about this! thanks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZo7IusGkmg
  6. Ah, thanks for giving me a little info on the camera. Let me get what you said straight tho...since they stopped making certain film stocks, I might not be able to use this camera to film with? Because it doesn't have manual exposure? Thats ok if so...I will just get a good camera to start with instead is so. The link you sent me says auto/manual....im not sure if it means its both manual and auto or one of the two.
  7. Hello, I want to make movies. Like Sam Raimi did with his 1980 movies like evil dead. or just a low budget, fun but good film looking movie. I want to make many of them:) So....I went on ebay a couple months ago and I found a camera for 5 bucks. I couldn't belive how cheap it was so I bought it and sure enough it was sent to my doorstep. So now I have it and it looks like it should work fine so I'm going to go buy batteries for it today. But before I start going out to get batteries and then film from kodak or wherever i can score some....I need to know if this camera can even film still! I've read certain cameras like automatics(?) can't be filmed on anymore with the film stocks available now a days and there's even a list of the cameras that can't be filmed on anymore, but I can't find that list online yet. My 5 dollar camera is a Bell and Howell Model 431 Autoload Super 8 camera. It has power zoon, slow motion(36 frames per second), a battery tester, and a remote control socket. Thats all the features. its a very basic camera i belive from the mid 1960's. If I can use this for my first time EVER filming on Super 8 I will and I want anyone with any info and knowlege on this specific camera to reply with any advice. Thank you so much in advance Brandon from michigan
  8. How much in American dollars is the Canon 1014?
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