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  1. Thanks Brian. That's what I want to make sure of. Flickering wouldn't even be a problem as nowadays in the camera systems can change the frequency apart from the frame rate.
  2. I guess is more about to having to output to two different frame rates. Converting 25p to 29.97 or vice versa. Recording to two different frame rates or converting the final video?
  3. Hi everyone! I was enquired today to possibly shoot a commercial for both the UK and the US market. I wonder what is the latest and best workfloor to output both in NTSC and PAL. Would it be best to shoot PAL - here in the UK - and then later just convert the finished piece or have an external recorder, recording in NTSC while the camera records PAL? I wonder for the latest method if it'd be problematic to match the colour grading as the files might be different. Unless using two external recorders based on the same type of file? Has anyone gone through this recently or in the last couple of years? Thanks Luca
  4. Either, possibly. Mostly I was thinking to give advice on scripts for the cinematography side, they can be junior DOP, a director or a production. What are your thoughts? Or anyone has a rate card for consultancy?
  5. Hi I wonder what is your roughly consultancy price list for cinematographers. Either if hourly or daily. Cheers
  6. Google always best for searches! Thanks everybody for the tips!
  7. Hi! I'm meeting an agent tomorrow and I wonder if this forum has some suggestion when I meet him, what should I make clear from the beginning? Thanks!
  8. LiPo also work on mine but they have no strength to go up to 50 or 75fps. That's why we discussed that NiMhs at 13.6V and 5Ah in order for my motor to pull that speed.
  9. Yes C Batteries, It should weight around 750 grams, so not too heavy. I will probably put in a small handbag and be on my body instead of being on the camera. Hopefully they ship to Europe, tho!
  10. So finally, I guess this should work: Pack NIMH 13.2V 4Ah PL SL2151 AO F - MGH00210 | Allbatteries.co.uk But probably I go for this (cheaper and I have the same charger), hope the higher Ah is not a problem: NiMH Battery Pack: 13.2V 5Ah (66wh, Hump) with Trail-Tech female plug Thanks Gregg and Jean
  11. Yes sure Gregg I will buy the appropriate charger.
  12. Ok thanks Jean-Louis, so I guess something like this should do the job, right? 12V 5000mAh SC NiMH COMPACT rechargeable battery pack | eBay
  13. So I guess one of these should work for my case? Super Power DC 12V Portable 6800mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Pack Tool CCTV | eBay Multi-use DC12V 15000mAh Super Rechargeable Portable Lithium-ion Battery Pack | eBay 12V DC Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack for CCTV Camera: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics
  14. Thanks a million, I will look into your suggestions! The camera should be fine as been revisited 2 years ago and used only a couple of times.
  15. Hi! I have been looking for a new 16mm battery for my Eclair ACL2, but no luck. My old battery is in the picture attached. I have tried this type DC 12V 4800mAh Super Rechargeable Portable Lithium-ion: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics , doesn't work at all. And this one 12V DC Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack for CCTV Camera: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics which works only up to 25fps, the camera stops working at 50 and 75fps. It seems to be a lack of strength. Any tips to help me finding an appropriate battery? I still have a few BW cans in my fridge! Thanks for your time! Luca
  16. Thanks for your options! The technocrane is not possible cause then the camera won't fly around. The GPS coordinates is something I should talk with the drone guys about. Thinking to shoot on long lenses and then key frame to smooth out the movement. The drone on the dolly, I'm not sure how much it would nicely leave the dolly. Also the dolly itself I'm not sure how fast it would turn around a fix point. Although it won't need to be painted out in post as the drone won't look down at the beginning of the shoot, but only looking ahead of it. I guess I made a crazy shot in my head, but that's what we live for, right? :) Thanks!
  17. Hi everyone, got one for you! I'm challenging myself with wanting to achieve a very difficult shot... I'll explain it. I'm directing and shooting a music video for a friend and I had the vision to start it with a close up of a girl standing. The camera then will start rotating around her until it flies off the sky looking at the valley. It should be all in one shot with not digital "stitches". Now I thought to try asking the drone people if it's possible and they say that can only do a small curve around before flying off. They suggested a technocrane instead which is out of budget of course and anyway won't fly over the valley. The "B" solution to achieve this shot is to use a steadycam around the girl and then stitch a shot from the girl to the sky. Probably the stitch won't be even be visible with the nowadays post technology but it should be tested anyway. I believe that it would be a breath breaking shot and a great start of the video if all done naturally in one shot. Any ideas suggestions? Cheers!
  18. Hello I'm looking into buying a lens adapter for my Canon XF300. I'd like to know what is your experience specifically with this camera and lens adapter. I know that this camera can't back focus closer than about 1mt so an adapter might be a problem? Also the XF300 has 82mm lens in diameter, so needs an adapter good for that. Which adapter would you suggest me? Thanks Luca
  19. Great job JJ! I'm right checking your website. I think regarding Dublin you should also implement it with this website: http://www.filmmakersnetwork.ie/forums/ there is a crew job section, pretty much the most lively in Ireland. Best Luca
  20. Hi has anyone an idea how to get something like a 35mm technoscope look like from a super16 camera? Even something less than 2perf, lets say in between 16:9 and 2perf 35.
  21. Thanks. HMIs are not supposed to be on set... What if use 250D unbalanced to tungsten, using Redheads and Blondes?
  22. I'm testing a few good number of stocks in the next days. I'm wondering if I should also test the Fuji Eterna 250D in a night time environment. The style of the piece is supposed to be quite verite' (Dardenne Bro style), so I'm wondering if using the 250D for night interiors could give some interesting results if mixed with blue kinos and 1/2 or full gels on tungsten lights. Have anyone there attempted this with this stock before? Low budget project, so I need to be exact once ordering stock...
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