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  1. Thanks Brian. That's what I want to make sure of. Flickering wouldn't even be a problem as nowadays in the camera systems can change the frequency apart from the frame rate.
  2. I guess is more about to having to output to two different frame rates. Converting 25p to 29.97 or vice versa. Recording to two different frame rates or converting the final video?
  3. Hi everyone! I was enquired today to possibly shoot a commercial for both the UK and the US market. I wonder what is the latest and best workfloor to output both in NTSC and PAL. Would it be best to shoot PAL - here in the UK - and then later just convert the finished piece or have an external recorder, recording in NTSC while the camera records PAL? I wonder for the latest method if it'd be problematic to match the colour grading as the files might be different. Unless using two external recorders based on the same type of file? Has anyone gone through this recently or in the last couple of years? Thanks Luca
  4. Either, possibly. Mostly I was thinking to give advice on scripts for the cinematography side, they can be junior DOP, a director or a production. What are your thoughts? Or anyone has a rate card for consultancy?
  5. Hi I wonder what is your roughly consultancy price list for cinematographers. Either if hourly or daily. Cheers
  6. Google always best for searches! Thanks everybody for the tips!
  7. Hi! I'm meeting an agent tomorrow and I wonder if this forum has some suggestion when I meet him, what should I make clear from the beginning? Thanks!
  8. LiPo also work on mine but they have no strength to go up to 50 or 75fps. That's why we discussed that NiMhs at 13.6V and 5Ah in order for my motor to pull that speed.
  9. Yes C Batteries, It should weight around 750 grams, so not too heavy. I will probably put in a small handbag and be on my body instead of being on the camera. Hopefully they ship to Europe, tho!
  10. So finally, I guess this should work: Pack NIMH 13.2V 4Ah PL SL2151 AO F - MGH00210 | Allbatteries.co.uk But probably I go for this (cheaper and I have the same charger), hope the higher Ah is not a problem: NiMH Battery Pack: 13.2V 5Ah (66wh, Hump) with Trail-Tech female plug Thanks Gregg and Jean
  11. Yes sure Gregg I will buy the appropriate charger.
  12. Ok thanks Jean-Louis, so I guess something like this should do the job, right? 12V 5000mAh SC NiMH COMPACT rechargeable battery pack | eBay
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