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  1. http://www.stereoscopicmirrors.com/ have you tried this page?
  2. Hi I need a wireless video transmitter, can anyone suggest good ones. Currently looking at the Wewi "Wireless HD Video Transmission System IDX CW-5HD" but looking for alternates. John I.
  3. Hi, We start shooting a 3d feature early next year, the plan is to use two Canon 5d on a mirrorig. What would be the best solution for a remote follow focus on this setup? I've been in contact with BarTech Engineering, witch has a great follow focus, but i learned that i have to use digital motors, and BarTech is designed for analog motors, and isn't accurate enough. quote from Jim Bartell "The best potentiometers have a linearity specification of 1%. This is not nearly enough to control two lenses precisely over their range of travel. While two motors may match up there is no guarantee they will. It has been tried and the results were unsatisfactory." any suggestions of what remote followfocus to use? John Iver Berg Theon Productions
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