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  1. I am not sure if it is still available.. but I have seen someone listed one for sale about two weeks ago at the bmcuser.. check the marketplace there
  2. I had really took long thought about it. and your thoughts gave me a great insight. I bought it yesterday. I agree with all what you said about the lens. Thanks for your cooperation, it really did me a lot when considering buying this lens. so far I'm happy with it, though it was a quite pricey!!
  3. Thank you my friend. I really needed to hear something like this.. since I am gonna be using this lens crop bodies, this Tokina first generation seems to be my only choice. I didn't know about a second generation. I had look online and it seems a good one, but I think they will be running out of stock when they are first released and I can't wait that long.
  4. Thanks Jonas.. I am glad someone with a Samyang here. I like the Samyang being a manual lens. and from photozone.de review the lens is good specially on the Chromatic Abberration. But its only downside the massive amount of mustach distortion. When you are shooting video, specially on straight Lines like when it facing buildings and so, is it a really obvious!? I read somewhere that the lens were withdrawal from the market when they were first released, to enhance the lens. I don't know if the reviews based on the first edition before the enhancement or the second.
  5. Based on the two reviews of both lenses from photozone.de I guess I'll stick with Tokina though I quietly dislike it being an auto lens.. but heck, I am more concerned about the quietly of the image. The Tokina's handling of distortion is quite impressive compared to the samyang.. though its downside in the Chromatic Aberrations, but I guess I'll have to handle it in post. I don't wanna rush it for the Tokina but I'm hopping someone experienced with both lenses in video shootings can share his opinion here with me. Review of the Tokina 11-16mm http://www.photozone...a_1116_28_canon Review of the Samyang 14mm http://www.photozone...myang14f28eosff
  6. here are my two choices;Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 or the Samyang 14mm f/2.8 (the Samyang is also sold into other different names, ROKINON, BOWER..) Okay, I am a little lost between those two wide lenses.. I can't decide which one to go for! What I am looking for is your advice on these two lenses in terms of sharpness, distortion, and image quality for video. I'll be using them mainly on a canon 7D and or the Sony FS100. What I love about the Samyang 14mm is that it is a fully manual lens! But again I'm mostly concerned abou the image quality when shooting video!! Thanks in advance
  7. This short 26 seconds beautifully filmed scene took a full day and night just to light.. they filmed it the next night.. so iconic and powerful that it became the add for the film a single streetlight picks out the priest as he arrives with a cab at night, while shaft of light streams from the room where the possessed girl is confined. The street is damp and the air is dense with fog. A moment of quiet from the horror that has come before it, and a caution that something even more horrible is about to occur. click here for the scene; The exorcist (1973) - Merrin's Arrival Scene
  8. Hey, I have seen your activities and read a lot of your posts on this forum and have learned a lot from you. You are a lot better than my lecturer. I just wanted to thank you for sharing out your experience with us. Thank you...

  9. Thanks, you are my hero. I never thought about getting a DSLR camera... I never looked to the future side of it. Thanks for these infos you have given to me. I'm indebted to you.
  10. YEAH!!! I'm looking to short narrative and music video at the moment. haha... I guess you could read my mind. Well, 7D is cheap and it is a great idea. I guess I should re-think about that. THANK YOU. I don't know why I never thought about getting a 7D!!! I guess if I'm going to buy a 7D, it is gonna save me a lot of money.
  11. sweet! thank you so much. You have been so much of a help. I really appreciate it. I'm graduating in about a year from now. I wanted to buy a camera in these coming weeks or few months to experiment on it and build up my portfolio and get a long with it before my graduation and even do my final project with it. So I kinda need this camera to be a start for me and do some freelance jobs with it.
  12. I'm just a little confused here. I have been saving money to buy me a Camera. I have been thinking all the way about buying the Panasonic AF100... but when Sony released their PMW F3, I was totally blown away but they were unfair to release it for about 16000 for body only. So I was still sticked with the Pana AG-AF100. Then later I saw the prices and the features of the Scarlet Interchangeable lens and the S35. I'm a beginner and I am seeking an advice from you experts. I don't want to do a mistake here and then regret about it later. I have seen all the features but I'm still confused which one to buy. Should I buy the AG-AF100 which I'm more comfortable to or I should wait for the RED Scarlet (Interchangeable Lens version) or the RED S35? Thanks in Advance... Here is a link of features to the RED Scarlet and the S35; http://www.cinema5d.com/news/?p=651
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