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  1. Hi everybody Sometimes I find quite hard to get the right balance inside a car during the day. Sometimes looks over lit, sometimes I feel it needs more light I am interested in learning different techniques for different moments I've posted some examples of images that I've found interesting http://postimg.org/gallery/adnlv6jo/ http://postimg.org/gallery/7us32zpc/ Thanks Javier Julia www.javierjulia.com
  2. Hi There I'm looking for ideas to light an interior plane and I found this great post. Many thanks Eric! Beautiful movie! But the images that you took with your phone of the 757 setup have disppeared. Is it possible to upload again? Does anybody have it? Thanks again Javier Julia www.youtube.com/user/eljavierj www.javierjulia.com
  3. Does anyone saved all this great information and want to share it? I discovered the page just a few days before it shut down so I would love just to read all the material that it was there. Thanks Javier J
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