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  1. The tree of life sequence must be one of the most beautiful film effects sequences ever made. And all in a 4x4 tank. Quite inspiring.
  2. Good news The Clitheroe Police have confirmed that Mr Shamilov has admitted that all the missing gear is in the shipping container that is on its way to the UK. Making progress.
  3. Thanks Phil - will try the embassy In the meantime I have emailed the Clitheroe Police with full details. Cheers Mike
  4. Hi Phil Well I'm in New Zealand and never had gear stolen before, so I'm learning as I go. I guess I have to email the Clitheroe Police somehow. Be worth letting the local photo club know so nobody else gets taken in. Do you have any suggestions on the best way to proceed in UK? Thanks Mike
  5. NZ10K of Bush Telly gear has been stolen by a former member of the crew from Christchurch New Zealand. Bush Telly gear is often loaned to members of the crew who return it and they have often loaned their own gear to Bush Telly so it has been of mutual benefit. Alexander "Sasha" Shamilov was loaned this gear by me late last year. I only found out a few weeks ago that he is now living in UK and the gear has disappeared. http://www.sashashamilov.com Formerly living in Christchurch New Zealand Now living in Clitheroe, Lancashire, United Kingdom He had "borrowed" 1 Sennheisser MKH70 shotgun microphone 1 Rycote windsock system 1 Vinten 3441-3 Vision 8 pan and tilt head 1 Vinten 3770-3 ENG Aluminium 2-stage Pozi-Loc Tripod Legs 1 Tripod kit bag, head manual, maintenance kit, snow shoes, tripod floor spreader and plates. More details at http://blog.bushtelly.org.nz/2012/02...elly-gear.html Any help getting the gear back much appreciated. He may have also stolen gear from other people as well. Cheers Mike Peters Director Bush Telly Postal PO Box 9000, Tower Junction, Christchurch 8149 New Zealand Ph 64+ 3-9800902 Fx 64+ 3 9800903 Mobile 027-210-5042 Skype bushtelly info@bushtelly.org.nz www.bushtelly.org.nz I'm also on www.redworks.co.nz www.addingtonaction.org.nz
  6. Bush Telly has been using Kupo gear for some years without any problems. I checked orginally with a local hire company in Christchurch "Hang up" who have Kupo and Manfrotto/Avenger gear. They said Kupo gear lasted about 5 years in a hire environment, while Manfroto lasted forever. So we bought Kupo because we have a careful crew and the price is much lower. I think its very well made.
  7. Thats what I did - and saved a real bundle. Got 5 arms out of 1 length of stainless. Used Grip heads from Kupo which are very well made and cheap in New Zealand.
  8. Thanks everyone for your suggestions I'll post images of the finished track in a couple of weeks
  9. I did a test yesterday - works great Thanks for the tips everyone
  10. Hi Chris - Yes that would work thanks I have to sort out how to support the monitor and some kind of hood. I thought to make a hood from cloth glued to card and attached with valcro strips. I could drill a VESA compatable plate and weld a female adaptor that would slip onto the top of a c-stand Would be very cheap to do, and can always be improved on. What do other people do (tiny budget)
  11. Hi Pual Thanks for the tips. I'll do up some drawings and post them here as PDF attachment, plus the finished item. Make sense to buy the joiners, if they are available somewhere.
  12. I need some help. I have got a spare 15" LCD Dell PC Monitor and want to use it as a directors monitor for a Canon XH-A1 HD camera. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XH_A1 http://www.usa.canon.com/app/html/HDV/XHA1...fications.shtml The monitor has a connector for the cable from a PC video card and a DVI connector. How can this be simply and cheaply be hooked up to the camera. Thanks
  13. Hi Paul Thanks for your informative comments and suggestions. I thought of using some kind of split aluminium or al/composite joiner with 2 grub screws to force the splits apart. However that would mean access to the grub screws from underneath the track which seams like a bit of a pain. I'm not sure what standard is in common use in New Zealand. However there are some chapman dollies for hire in Auckland.
  14. Hi Onno, Thankyou for your kind offer. Yes you are right, sometimes its not worth manufacturing stuff. Luckly, I am a retired engineer/set builder and prefer if possible to make my own gear (its just lots of fun). It would be silly however to try to make curved track without access to the necessary pipe rollers. So the stuff I do make needs to be standard enough to fit with bought components - hence my enquiry about track standards. Bush Telly has a production starting in 5 weeks so I have to make 2 m of track next week and a workable dolly for the Director. Do you have an opinion on aluminium pipe wall thickness? The type of aluminium alloy? Thanks again for your advice
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