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  1. dear lisa i think the best way to show him if hi likes the film industry he should or you both should try to find and go to a real shooting studio or anything alike, even better if he can participate in something, even if its taking the coffe. i think the film industry is all about what we "shoot" not about what degrees we got. i am glad to hear parents that support their sons profeccion. thats the best thing you can give to him, the rest is up to him so... good luck and PM me if you have a question cheers Damian
  2. Hi every one a friend of mine ask me to direct his proyect. Its a documentary about "tango dance". There is a sript and everything. my question is. Should i follow what they ask me to do, or try to put my perpective on it. obiusly i always ask my friend before a made a change also should i frame a full frame when i shoot them dancing?? (sorry for my english) What should be the structure about a documental? (it has a comercial end, selling dvd and stuff) Any advice will be aprecieted. Damian
  3. hi nick, i think you should start choosing a "path". in my case a chose Production, i am in my 3th year, but in the meantime also al learn a little about everything, you will learn that every part of making a movie conectes with each other in different levels. making a movie is a "team work" is very important to remember that. to make a movie you dont need the best camera or equipment, you need the best crew, if they are good then the movie is a instant "hit". you should try to meet someone in the field so he can give a more personal advice. don.t know what to add. anyway PM me if you have aquestion cheers damian
  4. hi dont worry i was very very usefull for me, so thak you very much. Best Damian
  5. hi im new here. i was wondering if someone could explain me something i read in other forum ( i think) . it said that the sone xdcam ex1 have almost 14 sec delay when you tryied to play a clip in the cam and another 14 sec to put it con the rec mode. is it tru?? thank anyone who can help me.
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